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Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Hansen has acquired himself quite a reputation as one of the best Hendrix impersonators on the 3rd stone from the sun. He is one of the few players officially recognized by the Hendrix family. He has been successfully doing his "Hendrix trip" for years and has toured / played with Uli Jon Roth, Jack Bruce, and Paul Rodgers. Randy channels the spirit of Jimi through his Fender strat on the awesome "Hendrix By Hansen" disc.

Today Hansen’s audience is worldwide, through persistent demand by the fans in America and Europe, whether with The Randy Hansen Band or working with other entertainers. Steve Miller, Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company, The Firm), Queen, Buddy Miles, Don Wilson (The Ventures), Alan White (YES), John Lennon, Sammy Hagar, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Cray, Roger Fisher (Heart), Bob Segar and Hendrix alumni Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, are just a few of the many musicians he’s performed with.
After his debut album, his emphasis continued to be on original releases emulating the Jimi Hendrix style of composition, in addition to including large numbers of Hendrix compositions in his live shows. He had a brief stint in the 1980s with a band that played a more contemporary style but, failing to gain a record contract of note, quickly returned to his main source of success as a Hendrix imitator. One of the high points of Hansen's career was when he played a short series of concerts with a band that included the original Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer, Mitch Mitchell. In the 1990s and into the 2000s, Hansen has increasingly turned to Europe for his live show tour dates due to greater interest from that market. He headlined a July 26, 2008 bill in Mannheim, Germany, with Love Street (Doors tribute) and Buried Alive Band (Janis Joplin tribute) as openers . He continues also to play locally in Seattle and around the U.S.

Randy Hansen Live on "The Moody Blues Cruise"


Randy Hansen (Capitol Records, 1980)
Monster, Herbie Hancock (Columbia Records, 1980)
Astral Projection (Shrapnel Records, 1983)
Metal Classics no.2 Want to Take You Higher 1990
Classics Live- "A tribute to Jimi Hendrix" (Ananaz Records, 1992)
 Hendrix by Hansen (Fillo K / Affengeil Records, 1993)
Old Dogs New Tricks (Fillo K / Green Tree Records, 1997)
Egg Lake Shake US Bootleg (Fillo K, 1999)
War & Peace - The Flesh and Blood Sessions (Radio Mafia Records, 1999)
Tower Of Love (Fillo K / Manni v. Bohr, 2000)
Good Intentions (Fillo K / Manni v. Bohr, 2003)
Alter Ego (Fillo K, 2004)
Live in Berlin DVD (Fillo K, 2005)
European Tour 2008 "Hendrix Live" CD (Fillo K, 2008)
Randy Hansen Band "LIVE 2008" DVD (Fillo K, 2008)

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