Thursday 22 August 2013


SLADE and SWEET – only one word for it... stupendous.

Two of the greatest, most exuberant, live bands of the seventies team up for a major UK Tour this Autumn. Kicking off on October 29th the tour runs right through to Christmas.

This is the second time the two bands have shared a full tour bill – and they’re back by huge popular demand to show just how it should be done.

Slade and Sweet are synonomous with great foot-stomping live music.  They provided a backdrop to a whole generation and era. Between them they produced hit after hit  that gave full vent to the loud and the glamorous, steam-rolling their way through the charts in a relentless progression of hit after hit. The clothes, the hairstyles, the glorious feelgood factor of it all saw them sweep all before them.  Outrageous flamboyance and pure unadulterated fun -  that was Slade. Glitz, blitz and a dangerous edge – that was Sweet.

While Slade had six No 1s and a whole host of other smashes - Coz I Luv You, Mama Weer All Crazee Now, Gudby T’Jane, Cum On Feel The Noize, Far Far Away, Merry Christmas Everybody, My Oh My  to name just some  - they never limited themselves. Having first hit the road in 1966 they went on to become one of Europe’s biggest bands with their perfect blend of pop and rock. In the early eighties they were invited to appear at Reading Festival followed by another hugely successful rock appearance at Castle Donington Monsters Of Rock in 1981.

The early nineties gave the band another big hit with Radio Wall Of Sound and saw founder members Dave Hill and Don Powell pick up the Slade baton and tour Australia. Since then they’ve never looked back. Their stage performance is sheer rock ‘n’ roll.

Sweet are one of pop/rock music’s phenomena. The quintessential glam rock band spent three years in the UK charts alone. They have sold over 55 million records world-wide and have had 34 No 1 hits across the world. Perhaps best known for the barn storming ‘Blockbuster’, other massive singles include Wig Wam Bam, Little Willy, Hellraiser, Ballroom Blitz and Teenage Rampage. Fox On The Run made the Top 3 in the USA and is still one of the biggest singles world-wide hotly followed by the musicians’ favourite, Action.

Sweet have had various line-up changes throughout the years, a chequered history of illness and, sadly, demise, but a constant throughout is Andy Scott. Joining the band shortly after their inception in 1970 he has been the tour de force that has seen Sweet weather the bumps in the road to maintain the remarkable high energy and soaring vocals that made them the hottest ticket in town.

Tickets for the UK tour are on sale now from all usual outlets priced £21.50 - £29 depending on venue.


Tuesday 29th               High Wycombe, Swan Theatre                                  7.30pm


Friday 1st                     Coventry, Warwick Arts                                             8pm
Saturday 2nd               Tunbridge Wells, Assembly Hall                    
Sunday 3rd                  Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes Theatre                       7.30pm
Tuesday 5th                 King’s Lynn, Corn Exchange                                      7.30pm
Thursday 7th                Stoke On Trent, Victoria Hall                                      7.30pm
Sunday 10th                Dartford, Orchard Theatre                                          8pm
Tuesday 12th               Ipswich, Regent Theatre                                             7.30pm
Wednesday 13th          Chatham, Central Theatre                                          7.30pm
Tuesday 26th               Buxton, Opera House                                                 7.30pm
Wednesday 27th          Sheffield, City Hall                                                      7.30pm
Friday 29th                   Gateshead, The Sage                                                 7.30pm
Saturday 30th              Dundee, Caird Hall                                                     7.30pm


Sunday 1st                   Aberdeen, Music Hall                                                 7.30pm
Tuesday 3rd                 Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall                                     7.30pm
Wednesday 4th            Manchester, Palace Theatre                                      7.30pm
Friday 6th                     York, Grand Opera House                                         7.30pm
Saturday 7th                Southport, Southport Theatre                                     7.30pm
Monday 16th                Birmingham, Town Hall                                              8pm
Tuesday 17th               Guildford, G-Live                                                        7.30pm
Thursday 19th              Eastbourne, Congress Theatre                                   7.30pm
Friday 20th                   Poole, The Lighthouse                                                7.30pm
Saturday 21st              Salisbury, City Hall                                                     7.30pm


Slade comprise Dave Hill, Don Powell, John Berry and Mal McNulty.

Get Down & Get With It (16)
Coz I Luv You (1)
Look Wot You Dun (4)
Take Me Bak 'Ome (1)
Mama Weer All Crazee Now (1)
Gudbuy T'Jane (2)
Cum On Feel The Noize (1)
Skweeze Me Pleeze Me (1)
My Friend Stan (2)
Merry Christmas Everybody (1)
Everyday (3)
Bangin' Man (3)
Far Far Away (2)
How Does It Feel (15)
Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam) (7)
In For A Penny (11)
Let's Call It Quits (11)
We'll Bring The House Down (10)
My Oh My (2)
Run Run Away (7)


Sweet comprise Pete Lincoln, Andy Scott, Tony O’Hara and Bruce Bisland

Funny Funny (13 in UK, 1 in Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden and South Africa + charted in 4 other countries)
Co–Co (2 in UK, 1 in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and South Africa + charted in 4 other countries)
Alexander Gray Bell (33 in UK, charted in 2 other countries)
Poppa Joe (11 in UK, 1 in Denmark and Netherlands + charted in 7other countries)
Little Willy (4 in UK, 1 in Canada, Denmark, Germany + charted in 7 other countries)
Wig Wam Bam (4 in UK, 1 in Denmark and Germany + charted in 8 other countries)
Block Buster (1 in UK, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and Norway + charted in 5 other countries)
Hell Raiser (2 in UK, 1 in Denmark and Germany + charted in 6 other countries)
The Ballroom Blitz (2 in UK, 1 in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany and Ireland + charted in 7 other countries)
Teenage Rampage (2 in UK, 1 in Sweden, Denmark and Germany + charted in 6 other countries)
The Six Teens (9 in UK, 1 in Denmark and charted in 7 other countries)
Turn In Down (41 in UK, charted in 5 other countries)
Peppermint Twist (1 in Austria)
Fox On The Run (2 in UK, 1 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and South Africa + charted in 9 other countries)
Action (15 in UK, charted in 12 other countries)
The Lies In Your Eyes (35 in UK, charted in 7 other countries)
Lost Angels (Charted in 5 countries)
Fever of Love (Charted in 4 countries)
Love Is Like Oxygen (9 in UK, charted in 9 other countries)
California Nights (Charted in 3 countries)

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