Monday 5 August 2013




2013 has been a great year for Classic Rock bands on tour.  One of the best bands on tour this year is BOC.  The last time I saw them was the Imaginos Tour in 1988 at the San Jose Civic in California.  Back in the 80's, I saw every show BOC performed in the bay area.  I must say, I was in no way disappointed in last nights performance.  Buck Dharma's voice and guitar playing was exceptional.  It was so great to see him perform again!  Eric Bloom is an incredible singer and guitarist and is still wild on stage, at one point he was on his knees giving us an awesome keyboard solo.  The other three band members I was not familiar with, Ritchie Castellano ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Jules Radino ~ Drums, and Danny Miranda ~ Bass.

Ritchie Castellano originally started with BOC in 2004 playing Bass Guitar moving into Guitar and Keyboards in 2007.  Ritchie put out some high energy, blistering guitar solos and got some standing ovations for them.  At the end of the show he graciously came out to shake hands with some of the fans that lingered around the stage.

Jules Radino started with BOC in 2004.  What a talent!  Jules has experience touring Nationally and Internationally with a band called Popa Chubby.  He also has a busy schedule performing and recording in NYC with various artists when he is off the road.  Being trained in different authentic styles of drumming, Jules adds a unique style to BOC's sound.  He put out an incredible drum solo during "Godzilla".

Finally Danny Miranda.  What a superb Bass player Danny is.  He joined BOC in 1995 left in 2004 and now returns to BOC filling in, since 2011.  He is credited for writing "Good To Feel Hungry" which really features his Bass skills.  He put out some high energy and really worked the stage, teaming up with the other band members.  During his Bass solo on "Godzilla" he had an uplifting melodious style, making the crowd go wild.

The set list had everyone's favorites; "Red and Black," "Golden Age Of Leather," "Burnin' For You," "Career Of Evil," "Shooting Shark," "The Vigil," "ME262," "Then Came The Last Days Of  May".  They closed with "Godzilla," and for the encore "Don't Fear The Reaper".  BOC was incredible to see again after so many years.  Blue Oyster Cult, 40 years and still going strong.  You can visit their website on the link provided below:

By Jill Maciel
West Coast Correspondent CRR Dot EU


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