Friday 21 September 2012

Led Zeppelin keep the press on toes at London press conference

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There was a press conference earlier today with Led Zeppelin following a media screening of the two-hour concert movie Celebration Day.

Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant were jovial but certainly seemed to have kept members of the press on their toes and steered clear when asked if they would repeat the one-off show captured in their new film.

The three surviving members of Led Zeppelin were rather cagey when asked if they might ever reunite again for more gigs, seeming to dodge the subject rather than flatly deny

 "Let me ask you a question, have you seen the film? Did you enjoy it? Then we've done our job, haven't we?" said Jimmy Page When asked by another questioner asked if Zeppelin would "do it again", singer Robert replied: "With you?"

They had praise for Jason Bonham, who replaced his father John Bonham (who died in 1980 ) on drums for the show. "Jason was absolutely monumental in his performance," Page said. "Nobody else could have done it."

When asked had there been many overdubs on the film Robert Plant said that was "a f******g cheek", before then admitting the vocals at the end of Kashmir had to be edited "because I was running out of steam". Jimmy Page said overdubs had been kept to a minimum.

 Celebration Day, which is directed by Dick Carruthers, shows Zeppelin's entire 16-song set at the tribute concert to Ahmet Ertegun, (the legendary head of Atlantic Records, who signed the band to his label in 1968).

The film will get a worldwide theatrical release on 17 October, and a multi-format home release on 19 November.

The tracklisting for Celebration Day is:
1 Good Times Bad Times
2 Ramble On
3 Black Dog
4 In My Time of Dying
5 For Your Life
6 Trampled Under Foot
7 Nobody's Fault But Mine
8 No Quarter
9 Since I've Been Loving You
10 Dazed And Confused
11 Stairway to Heaven
12 The Song Remains the Same
13 Misty Mountain Hop
14 Kashmir
15 Whole Lotta Love
 16 Rock and Roll

Marilyn Michaels


  1. It was a very good natured press call even if you could see that the band were a little uncomfortable in this position which is why they gave little away and answered around some of the questions. All in all though I am really happy this DVD is out and also they all seemed to be in a good place which has not always been the case with Led Zeppelin. I think they should be allowed to enjoy the moment as much as we will :)