Friday 21 September 2012

News about LIMITED EDITION Book 'Time And A Word -The YES Interviews' written by Jon Kirkman

YES fans will be very excited about this forthcoming LIMITED EDITION book which will be a real collectors item
Jon Kirkman has been a journalist and broadcaster for more than thirty years and in that time has interviewed many artists both for radio, magazines and Videos/DVDs.

 One of his abiding passions has been the music of the British  rock band Yes.

The book Time And A Word -The YES Interviews will feature previously unpublished interviews with members of the British Rock band Yes.

Over the years Jon Kirkman has interviewed 15 of the 18 members of the band both past and present and some of the interviews are still being conducted The interviews cover the various band members time with the band and also select solo projects

The book will be in two formats including a limited numbered edition and a Super Limited Deluxe edition of the book which will contain some great extras.

The book will also contain previously unseen photographs from the bands entire history

'Time And A Word -The YES Interviews' is due to be published late 2012

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Jon Kirkman & Geoff Downes

Rick Wakeman & Jon Kirkman

Marilyn Michaels

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