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22 March 2015

*Bloodiest Music Video*

With a headline LIKE that, how can I not get everyone's attention? So what do you think is the bloodiest music video EVER produced? I'm thinking Alice Cooper must be involved, right? You too? We're wrong. The honor goes to a band that came around back in 1997. An American group whose name came about in a Red Lobster restaurant, where two of the original band members worked; Jordan Pundik (vocals), and Ian Grushka (bass). Rock stars ever since steadily building a solid music catalog, and a reputation for superb road shows. Musicians since high school. 
Songs whose lyrics can be meaningful. Living the dream!

High energy, or seriously focused? A question answered with one word; both. And apparently BIG fans of B movie, independent motion picture film company, Troma Entertainment. For how on Earth could the band get such bragging rights as 'most bloodiest video' without the help of independent film's leader / authorities in sci-fi horror comedy with ambles of gratuitous nudity thrown in for good measure; Mr. Lloyd Kaufman. A professional artist, who along with Michael Herz created Troma Entertainment in 1974. For those not good at math, Troma Entertainment is now in it's 41st year of rotting the minds of young teenage boys. An audience has to start from someplace. Appears to all ages. Lucky for the young men category that Mommy is too caught up in all her shit to even bother noticing what mindless drivel on the expense television she purchased that her little sunny boy is consuming. Say what you will about Fox News, for I personally don't think it's that bad.

Compare the evening news with official Troma motion pictures; The original VHS tapes, and then the DVDs, and now the Blu-rays. Troma is so over the top when it comes to certain things, but nothing as bad as what the talking heads are telling us routinely about terror groups, and the next BIG Hollywood remake.

Be warned one finds out after purchasing their FIRST item from Tromaville...these damn things are like crack. Once you buy one, you'll be willing to meet up with someone on Craig's List whose watched his now out of print collector's (it said so on the box) version, VHS tape of Nuke 'Em High (1979) forty seven times, and is willing to meet you at a Waffle House off I-10 at 3 a.m. in which you ponder if you should go or not. Just to discuss the film with someone who won't make fun of you for liking such a movie. Uncle G says go on and go. Be safe, and don't forget to tip the waitress.

You wanna see real Americana, watch Troma's Pot Zombies. Who needs being preached to when you can watch stoners turn green, and all get a serious case of the munchies? By typical Hollywood critic standards completely horrible. Uncle G says to those over the age eighteen, and working a 40 hour week; Time to decompress. Lite up! Pour yourself one! In your underwear! At home so not to get arrested, and pay a HUGE fine. Make it a Troma night. Spend the evening with Toxie. Fun B film entertainment with boobies of all sizes. Have a special friend with you so you can reenact your favorite scenes. Nine months later if this pertains to you and it's a boy, you can think of naming it, Lloyd. Or after a deceased Uncle on your spouse's side that you never really knew.

The band, New Found Glory. Now a four piece that along with Jordan and Ian, has Ian Grushka on bass, and Cyrus Bolooki laying down a solid foundation of drums and percussion. Not considered classic rock, but seeing how plays the last 50 years of the best rock music has to offer, I know some listeners LIKE myself are also interested. If one must classify, the web tells me 'New Found Glory' is said to be an alternative pop punk American Rock Band, that hails from Florida. From what I heard, the music's good. That's all Uncle G really cares about. Must all we listen to be ghosts? The greats whose family could afford it, would want the musical part of us to move on after their departure, and discover new acts. Not that going from the usual 1970's act in which I usually report on, to one from the 1990's is that BIG of a leap.

Without anymore suspense, the bloodiest Music Video is; New Found Glory - One More Round. The song is from their eighth studio album entitled; Resurrection (2014). And why the bloodiest? After seeing it, lets just say you should agree. One reason, because the legendary Lloyd Kaufman, was on set as the video was being made. An expert in this field of theatrical blood, by the way.

Here's what it says on the official TromaMovie You Tube channel;

"Published on Mar 17, 2015

Back in January, Lloyd was invited to bless the behind-the-scenes promo for big time pop-punk band New Found Glory's "One More Round" music video--which set out to be the bloodiest music video of all time. See what happened!

See more Troma at!"

Additional Uncle G Comments:

Pretty much LIKE I said huh?

And where is what Lloyd Kaufman himself (or had someone he trusted to do it for him) tweeted yesterday about the making of the video, One More Round.

"New Found Glory was kind enough to invite me to host a behind the scenes look at their new music video 'One More...

… and then Lloyd MUST HAVE ran out of characters. ONLY 140 remember Lloyd? I know you're getting older. Remember, this is Twitter, and not a sequel to, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. So simple, even a toxic waste human mutation could do it. On a serious note, besides all that Twitter nonsense, congrats on an outstanding career. Was a pleasure meeting you in Houston last year as well..hush hush. People might think of how a very enjoyable few minute meet and greet might affect my point of view and rate, and thus speak of whatever product you are associated with, more highly. And how right they would be (only kidding...wink wink...looking forward to 2015's release of Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 2).

So here's the video. Did I say how bloody it was? Maybe if you just ate a heavy meal, you should put off watching until you digested food. Just saying.

Cool to post links to the behind the scenes, and the actual video. So here you go:

New Found Glory - One More Round - Official Video Link:

Troma Movies - Behind the Scenes on New Found Glory's "One More Round" - Official Video Link

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                        Pictured: New Found Glory with Lloyd Kaufman

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