Thursday 15 August 2013

When misheard lyrics come to life

Misheard lyrics are a constant source of amusement.  From little kids belting out ''Because the night belongs to lawyers, because the night belongs to law''  to !0,000 Maniacs .....   to sweet  little old ladies chirpily  singing along with Irene Cara's Flashdance   '' take your pants down and make it happen'

                                              We've always known Iron Maiden are magnetic....!
                                                (c) Jack Hurley

How many people have been innocently singing ''
Wrapped up like a douche and then I roll her in the night  to Manfred Mann    Another one  that's certainly very well known for  it's misheard mirth  (and for anyone reading this shaking their heads and saying 'but that's  the correct lyric man''  it's actually ' Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night 

Jack Hurley gets so much fun out of misheard lyrics he decided to bring them to life  on his website

Jack told me: '' It came about because I was suffering from a bad case of idle thumbs. My usual internet goonery revolves around running which is basically a satirical take on each weeks Question Time and tends to involve a lot of really stupid Photoshops of David Dimbleby's face. However, QT packs up for the summer every year and I wanted to use the time to learn something new so I started buggering around with Illustrator in the hope that I might pick it up by the time QT comes back on. I started off doing really random things like Alan Sugar in Victorian drag or Nick Cotton demanding money (there's a big stack of that randomness sitting over at just to get some practice in and eventually ended up drawing Morrissey in a kebab shop because that's the sort of thing that makes me chuckle and it seemed like a challenge. Anyway, a mate of mine came up with the 'This Charming Naan' caption for that picture and that got me thinking - 'there could be a cockeyed site in all this.... I could start doing all sorts of misheard lyrics'.

                                                      Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
                                                    (c) Jack Hurley

Jack says: ''From my point of view it's great as there's never a shortage of source material, whether it be from a cursory search of the #misheardlyrics tag, the millions of songs I've misheard over the years, a trip to or simply from the requests that I've now started receiving on a regular basis. Most of all though, I like doing it because it's a really simple idea that can take you to some really absurd places that still somehow make sense and I get combine two of my greatest loves: Music and the gentle mockery of the famous via the medium of pixel twisting. I mean, how often do you get to draw Bill Oddie being tortured by Caleb from the Kings of Leon or Mark Knopfler hanging out in a microwave? Not that often without someone staging an intervention or calling social services. However, if you hang it under the banner of a misheard lyric, suddenly it's ok! ''

                                 da da da da... Gordon Brown ...errr Golden Brown The Stranglers
                                                (c) Jack Hurley

If you  fancy wearing these upon your chest there are also T-shirts available
you can find out more on the website, as well as having a chuckle over the various posts there. MLI is also on Facebook  via and @rockthecatspa on Twitter

                                          Dire Straits in your kitchen as well as on MTV -
                                          (c) Jack Hurley

Marilyn Michaels


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