Wednesday, 2 July 2014


To celebrate the company’s 120th anniversary, Gibson has unveiled a set of new guitar models.
The new models include two new Les Pauls in the form of the Light Flame Top and the Traditional Flame Top, a pair of Flying Vs, an SG and an Explorer.

In the sprit of Gibson’s philosophy, these anniversary models blend the company’s canny tradition of guitar making with the inner attitude to change and innovate.

For further info please visit Gibson’s website following the links below:

Explorer 120 (£ 1,499) -

Flying V 120 (£ 1,499) - 

Flying V History

SG Standard 120 (£ 1,399)  -

Les Paul Standard 120 Light Flame Top (£ 1,799 / £ 2,199) - 


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