Sunday, 6 July 2014


Les Dudek is a music legend, who's contributions have influenced the history of rock n' roll. His powerful guitar and song writing skills can be heard on many famous classic multi platinum records. Such as: The haunting dual lead guitar on "Ramblin' Man", and acoustic guitar on "Jessica", both from The Allman Brothers Band, (Brothers & Sisters, Capricorn Records) - Les Dudek. The smooth silky guitars on "Lido Shuffle", "Low Down" videos, and slide guitar on "Jump Street" from Boz Scagg's (Silk Degrees, Columbia Records) - Les Dudek. "Fly Like An Eagle", "The Book Of Dreams", "Living In The 20th Century" & "Wide River", (Capital Records), four of Steve Miller Bands biggest albums, you will be listening to guitar & song writing from - Les Dudek. That's just to name a few. Besides contributing his recognizable guitar & song writing talents to other recording artists, Dudek also has seven solo albums released under his own name. "Les Dudek" (debut), "Say No More", "Ghost Town Parade", "Gypsy Ride", "Deeper Shades Of Blues", "Freestyle", and now his new release, "Delta Breeze". Dudek has dedicated his life to music, and is now touring the world, to bring his music to a city near you. If you like great song writing, and slide/ blues rock guitar style, with powerful vocals, be sure to add Les Dudek's new release "Delta Breeze" to your collection, you won't be sorry you did.

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