Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pete Frame Even More Rock Family Trees

Pete Frame: Even More Rock Family Trees
Omnibus Publishing
Surely there can’t be anyone who has not heard of Pete Frame and his extremely famous “Rock Family Trees”. If you have never seen any of his previous books featuring the Family Trees then perhaps you will remember the TV series which brought the Family Tree’s to life
Whatever if you have even a remote interest in music then this book of some of Pete’s more famous Family Trees will be high on the “must get list”
For those who don’t know, Pete Frame manages to mix his love of Rock Music and drawing and also manages to drop in a load of minutiae in terms of detail about the bands or artists. There are also plenty of Pete’s personal asides on the bands which are almost as important as the actual facts!
My personal favourite in this book is the Family Tree of The Allman Brothers band which is so big it covers four pages. Another lengthy and fully engrossing Family Tree is the one for Fleetwood Mac which has enough twists and turns to keep biographers busy for years. The great thing about these family Trees however is that they are so easy to follow and you can quite clearly see who went here and who came from there. It also drives you back to the music which can’t be a bad thing!
For your reading delight in this volume we have newly drawn Family Trees on the following artists
Elton John, the Allman Brothers Band 1, ELP, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Winwood, The Drifters, Roxy Music, Roger McGuinn, Beach Boys, Martin Carthy, Shirley Collilns, Yes, Asia, Eric Clapton, the Yardbirds, Miles Davis, the Creation label to name quite a few
The detail that goes into each “Family Tree is amazing and it is a book that you will be drawn to time and time again and certainly more fascinating than pouring over your standard biography!

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