Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Thin Lizzy - Brighton Review

One of our listeners, Pete Patterson, went to see Thin Lizzy at the Brighton Dome on February 3rd 2012 and sent in the following review and photos to us at Classic Rock Radio - thank you Pete!

This was my sixth Thin Lizzy show, the first was on the Black Rose Tour where we camped overnight outside the Portsmouth Guildhall Box Office to make sure we got our tickets!

In the modern world camping is no longer required but it was no less exciting for me to receive my ticket for the new Lizzy line-up's Brighton show

The lights went out, the walk-on tape began and then the curtain dropped suddenly (as per Def Leppard's 80's Hysteria tour) and Are You Ready ' kicked off the evening in superb fashion

The sound was loud & proud and the band raced straight into the classic
Jailbreak (albeit without the siren & police lights in the middle section. )

Bad Reputation and a bouncing Don't Believe A Word followed with Ricky Warwick looking and sounding much more at home than he did at a previous Lizzy show that I saw last year. He's grown into the very big shoes he's had to fill, and while the legend that is Phil Lynott could never be replaced, Mr Warwick is now a huge part of this band.

A kicking Killer On The Loose was followed by bass man Marco Mendoza introducing Dancing In The Moonlight and working the crowd like a frontman
as we 'whoahhh'd' in tandem with him.

Then, as per the Live & Dangerous record, Moonlight segued straight into Massacre - oh the memories of listening to that album as a 15 year old!!

Darren Wharton 's turn next as he paraded first his keyboard talents in the epic Angel Of Death and then his vocal talents as he sang the first part of
each verse in the awesome Still In Love With You with new man Damon Johnson playing Brian Robertson 's Live & Dangerous solo notes perfectly!
Mr Johnson is every inch the rock star and looks like he's been playing with the
band forever. He copied Robertson's classic Lizzy 'whah' sound exactly and each of his solo's were as per the records , truly superb!

A lovely slow bluesy Damon Johnson guitar link led us straight into Whisky In The Jar and we bounced up and down and sung like never before.

Brian Downey was introduced to thunderous applause next as he led the band
through Sha La La with his drum solo again almost identical to the Live & Dangerous one of 35 years ago - the man's playing is immense, he has such feel & groove in his playing ..he was 61 last week & still has the stamina of an 18 year old!

One of my favourites, Suicide was next , it was one of the best tunes of the night for me - it rocked!!
Waiting For An Alibi and the Cowboys Song/Boys Are Back that we all know and love closed the set in true rock n roll fashion.

The first encore Emerald had us bathed in green light & had a surprise guest in the form of Gary Moore 's son Jack Moore who swapped solo's with Scott Gorham & Damon Johnson - what an amazing thing for him to be able to say he's done : he jammed with Thin Lizzy!!
Rosalie is just such a rock n roll tune, it always get me going & the evening was completed by Black Rose , surely one of Mr Lynott's finest moments?!

They came, they saw, the rocked our world and had great fun doing it!!

I think Mr Lynott will be looking down from above proud of his boys -no, it may not be the same, but it is Thin Lizzy and those songs will live forever!

Words and photos (c) Pete Patterson 2012

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  1. Thanks for the review Pete. There is something about this band that stirs the passion in people. I first saw Lizzy support Slade back in the days when Eric Bell played guitar but have seen them subsequently many many more times and everytime I have always come away feeling I have seen a band give their all and give a great performance. Long may it continue and with this line up I personally feel they will continue for a long time. Think it is time for a new album now guys. I know you can do it :) JK