Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Audience Return! Live Show In November

Seventies cult British art rock band Audience have been re-awoken from their cryogenically sealed chambers and dusted off for another assault on the ears and eyes of an eager public. Original members Howard Werth, Trevor Williams and Keith Gemmell have been joined by Simon Jeffrey on drums.
Their sound has always had a unique edge with Howard’s electric nylon-strung guitar and big voice, and Keith’s effect-enhanced sax and flute.  Admired by critics and very much a band’s band they gather fresh followers every time they emerge into the daylight and under the spotlight.
Audience played as support for Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Jeff Beck Group, and others.   They were supported on many occasions by Genesis and once at the Marquee Club, by a band called Queen. 
There’s been a large build up of interest in the band performing again, not least from the stalwart fans both here and around the world.  The setting for the 2012 comeback is the iconic 100 Club in London’s Oxford Street on Weds 28th November.  This will be the opening gig for a tour in 2013 when Audience will be playing around the UK and various international venues and festivals.
The set, which will appeal to a wide human spectrum, includes a large selection of songs from ‘House on the Hill’, their classic album, together with some brand new material, plus some gems from Howard’s solo albums.

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