Wednesday 11 September 2013

Hawkwind New Album Spacehawks Released October 28th

Straight from the furthest reaches of space and time, comes another dose of the mind altering substance that is HAWKWIND.

Back once more to delight and astound us mere mortals with their timeless blend of Hard rock and Psychadelia, blown into orbit on the back of a rocket ship; HAWKWIND once again prove they are the Masters of the Universe.

With 14 exclusive tracks, ranging from the re-imagining of classic hits like "Sunship" and "Seasons" to brand new, previously unheard tracks like "Lonely Moon" this is a tour de force of space rock, unlikely to be matched or surpassed by any young pretenders.

As if tirelessly producing such an abundant catalogue wasn't enough of a badge of honour, receiving the Lifetime Achievement award for services to Prog Rock at the recent Orange Prog Awards has firmly cemented Dave Brock, and HAWKWIND, as two of Britains greatest musical exports.

Released exclusively through Four Worlds Media, and available in standard edition, Limited edition Digipak and exclusive heavyweight vinyl, this is a release not to be missed.

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1. Seasons
2. Assault & Battery
3. Golden Void
4. Where Are They Now?
5. Sonic Attack
6. Demented Man
7. We Two Are One
8. We Took The Wrong Step
9. Master Of The Universe
10. Sacrosanct
11. The Sentinel
12. Its All Lies
13. Touch
14. The Chumps Are Jumping
15. Lonely Moon
16. Sunship

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