Wednesday 4 September 2013

SuperstacK - a band stacking the deck towards a win.

 Canadian Rockers SuperstacK have been around since 2009,after a break they reformed this year with a new release and a pocket full of new material now they are about to rock North America. Already this month Scott, Kyle and Dusty  have blown the fans away at the Newmarket Jazz+  Festival and have played Wheelie Fest at Fantasy Island, Rowland, Pennsylvania

CRR)-- you've been around the North American rock scene for quite a while most recently with Superstack ,can you tell us when you started professionally and what got you into  the music.
Scott) --I grew up in rural Northern Ontario Canada with little distractions other than watching my uncle’s band rehearse and listening to my father’s record collection, it seemed to be the natural thing for me to do, so. I got started very early. I’ve been performing since I was 15 and touring since about, 19.

CRR)--Are there particular artists that you feel influence your style, am I noticing an occasional nod to the Allman brothers in your songs?
Scott)-- Yes, The Allman Bros. definitely had a hand in influencing me, along with, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, James Gang, Free, The Who, The Kinks and anything Steve Marriott produced. Recently I’ve been immersed in Frankie Miller’s music thanks to our manager Lucy .

  CRR)--  After a hiatus you have reformed  Superstack with a different lineup, will you continue to play in that southern rock style or do you have different plans?
 Scott)-- I will always perform in the spirit of Southern Rock; it is what shaped me as an artist. Interestingly enough, my other passion is the British Invasion. A bridge between the genres is really where I get my inspiration.

 CRR)--  I noticed  you have a few dates booked at Molly Booms in Ontario  would you like to be touring in between and possibly opening for a signed band ?
 Scott)--The ultimate goal is to be touring internationally, I have long dreamed of being able to share the stage with some of my hero’s like, Paul Rodgers, The Who, and The Allman Brothers.

 CRR)-- Your new lineup features  Dusty Campbell, he's young for a Rock drummer,  how is he shaping up? 
Scott)-- Dusty, is incredible. A true showman with the skills to deliver and a ferocious, dynamic approach to Rock N Roll music. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see him shine! 

CRR)--How are you planning  to distribute your songs, I've seen you have download links on your webpage’s so are you going the independent route ?
Scott)--Yes, with the uncertainty of the music industry and no real tried and true method to follow, I have been uploading singles to the web, in the spirit of “necessities is the mother of all invention” in other words, trying to discover a new way by breaking the rules. I find it gives people the opportunity to hear each track and gather more interest by covering a wider demographic of various music interests groups. I do however plan to release a full collection, including an art booklet and a DVD once I finish with this current project.

For those outside of Canada I need to explain that the band took the name from a the tallest chimney in the western hemispere which stands proud in their home state of Ontario.
SuperstacK are appearing at the the Mad River Rocks Festival at Singhampton,Ontario on Sept 7th be there if you can! and at their regular stomping ground 2 Doors Down in  Brantford on Oct 4th watch out though folks Scott and the guys are casting their nets wide so they may be gigging near you soon.
Our thanks to SuperstacK's U.S. Management/Publicity agent Lucy Piller of for her assistance arranging the interview and materiel and to Anna Lozyk Romeo for her smashing photo's used with permission you can contact Anna and see her other photo's via

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