Friday, 21 October 2011

Jeff Green : Jessica Feature Tonight on Classic Rock Radio

Tonight on Classic Rock radio Jon Kirkman talks to Jeff Green about his debut solo album Jessica.

Jeff Green is an American guitarist and song writer living in Ireland and also works across the world as a member of the premier Eagles tribute band The Illegal Eagles
Jeff also is a huge fan of Progressive Rock Music and as a solo artist works in the progressive Rock genre

His first solo album Jessica is an album named after and inspired by the death of his daughter Jessica. The album is an uplifting and touching piece of work that will appeal to lovers of finely crafted songs and indtrumentals.
In this feature Jon Kirkman talks to Jeff about the album and plays tracks from the album and talks about the plans for jeff's follow up album.

Listen live tonight at 8pm or the repeat tomorrow night at 8pm. All times are UK time

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