Friday 7 October 2011

You Really Got Me: The Story of The Kinks

The Kinks: You Really Got Me The Story of The Kinks
Nick Hasted
Omnibus Press

This isn’t the first book about the Kinks and I doubt it will be the last book about the Kinks but I have to say having read at least three other books on the band this particular book by Nick hasted really caught my attention and interest.

Well researched and well written Nick hasted has spoken to many of the people outside the Kinks immediate circle but more importantly he has also spoken to both Ray Davies and Dave Davies and drummer Mick Avory about the band the songs and of course the legendary infighting which at one point seemed to spell the end of the band and indeed at the time of writing may well still spell the end of the band as despite the fact that there is a major demand for the Kinks who are now revered as one of THE all time important rock bands of the last fifty years it seems that Ray and Dave Davies seem as entrenched as ever in what they think the Kinks should or shouldn’t do.

I sometimes despair of the Kinks in the se3nse that the infighting between the brothers has sometimes tended to overshadow their massive achievements in the music industry. Of course sibling rivalry is nothing new and you only have to read about The Bee Gees, the Everly Brothers and the Gallagher brothers to see that the Davies boys are in good company

Nick Hasted has written a very balanced book on what must have been very difficult circumstances. Having interviewed the Davies brothers separately a number of times over the years and also been in their company while they were in the middle of a row I can tell you that it is a situation I do not envy Nick Hasted.
That he has written such a good book and one that I am hoping pleases both Ray and Dave Davies without sacrificing the integrity of the story to favour one brother over the other is a triumph.

The music will always be a major talking point when reading a book about the Kinks and of course Ray Davies talks extensively about the songs that still stand up to this day. For some it will be the Kinks success in America during the late seventies and eighties for many the whole picture will be reason enough for buying the book.

As I have said this is not the first book to tackle the Kinks however in my opinion it is probably the best book to be written about the Kinks

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