Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman Live Album Available NOW!

Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman The Living Tree In Concert Part 1
Those progressive Rock Legends Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman release their first live album together in Novembe. However fans can buy the album ahead of the release to shops and online dealers by buying the album directrly from the Gonzo Multi Media website. The duo are curtrently in the middle of a successful American and Canadian tour.

The album was recorded during the duo's British tour in 2010 and comes housed in a sleeve designed by Mark Wilkinson who was also responsible for the design of the artwork for The Living Tree. The track listing is below and features songs from the duo's debut album The Living Tree alongside some Yes classics.

01. And You & I

02. Living Tree Part 1

03. Morning Star

04. Long Distance

05. The Garden

06. Living Tree Part 2

07. Time and a Word

08. Just One Man

09. 232411

10. Southside

11. House Of Freedom

12. The Meeting

The album can be purchased by following the link below to the Gonzo Multimedia website

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