Monday, 26 March 2012

Darker Than Blue

Darker Than Blue is the Deep Purple Fan website but oh so much more besides. Founded in 1976 Darker Than Blue is the Deep Purple Appreciation Society and the website grew naturally out of regular publications on the band and connected musicians and bands. Founded by Simon Robinson and ably assisted by his wife Ann the website is now the main stopping off point worldwide for fans of Deep Purple and of course all the former members of the band and their respective groups and projects
Darker Than Blue in addition to being the main keeper of the Deep Purple Archive are also involved with the Purple records label which is overseen by Simon Robinson
Simon has also been involved with the production, research and compilation of DVDs such as the two Deep Purple DVDs Live In Concert 1972/73 and The California Jam plus Rainbow Live In Munich 1977 all three DVDs featured Classic Rock radio’s Jon Kirkman who performed the audio commentary on all three DVDs. Simon has also worked tirelessly over the years often working with EMI on numerous Deep Purple releases the most recent of which was the Magnificent Deep Purple BBC Sessions  Boxed Set release. You can even purchase reproductions of the candles that were used on the cover of the Burn album!
Darker Than Blue are also the first stopping off point to buy Anything Deep Purple from Posters and T- Shirts to CDs and DVDs
We are hoping to have more of a tie in later this year where Jon Kirkman alongside Darker Than Blue’s Simon Robinson will present a Regular programme on Classic Rock radio under the title Darker Than Blue.
In the meantime check out the website and also the Darker Than Blue Blog which can be accessed along with the DPAS Online Shop from the main Darker Than Blue Website here:

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