Friday, 27 April 2012

Tracer Manchester Academy3 26.04.12

It may have been a cold rainy night in Manchester but Australian rock trio TRACER sure brought some Aussie warmth to the Academy last night

Nicely warmed up by female-fronted indie-rock opening act LittleCrazy, Tracer arrived onstage to cheers from a crowd who were without doubt READY to ROCK. 

Tracer who hail from Adelaide in South Australia are Michael Brown (guitar & vocals) brother Leigh Brown (bass & vocals) and Andre Wise (drums)

This isn't Tracer's first visit to the UK,they have played over here before but it has been their first nationwide headline tour and they have obviously put the hard graft in and built up a  rapidly growing following of eager fans of all ages who certainly sing along enthusiastically and provide the extra backup vocals

The crowd lapped it up along with the cheeky good ol' aussie banter thrown in – there were certainly plenty of notable tracks in their set which included The Bitch, Devil Rides, Voice in The Rain and Too Much –from their debut album Spaces In Between (Cool Green Recordings)

Their entire set was full of infectious enthusiasm and energy. Their obvious love of playing live drips from their pores as much as their sweat, and work up a sweat they certainly did.

Some call it grunge rock, but I would hesitate to pigeon-hole Tracer, frankly they are full of surprises, it's certainly a buffet of different styles, loud gritty raw rock with blues stirred in and a sense of what the 70s must have sounded like live all served up on a platter, go ahead and feast your ears on them. For more information see 

Thanks to Tracer TM/Photographer Benon Koebsch for the photos, you can see more great photos at his website

 Words (c) Marilyn Michaels 2012

Photos (c) Benon Koebsch 2012


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