Sunday, 21 December 2014

21 Dec 2014

CRR (Dot EU) After Hours Movie Review
Spotlight: Rockin' The Wall (2010 Documentary / 2014 DVD Release)

I had the pleasure along with my lovely wife of watching the 2010 documentary; Rockin' The Wall. Based on the best-selling book, Seven Events That Made America, America by Larry Schweikart. Secured the DVD. As soon as I pressed the play button on the Blu-ray, my lovely wife and I became engulfed almost immediately. Surprised my better half because she figured it would bore her to death from the get go. Some boring classic rock film. Not really, and far from it.

Three days before I was born, the Berlin Wall was constructed. Life as known then, was changed from that moment on. For those inside, and outside the military protected barrier. People died trying to escape / get pass it. You know something is bad when you hear stories as these. And who could blame them? From the years 1961 to 1989 this crap went on. And what helped the wall come crumbling down, you ask? Many things actually, but would you believe in part, rock n' roll music? And to say anything else I'd be taking away from the wonderfulness that Larry Schweikart, and director Marc Leif have in store for you in the new to retail DVD release; Rockin' The Wall. A well done narrative by Adam Baldwin. No time wasted telling a very compelling story. And one that needs repeatedly to be told so others don't try making the same mistake again.


Rating: Using the one to ten star rating system as found on other popular DVD review websites, Uncle G gives the 2010 documentary (it also has / had a soundtrack) Rockin' The Wall (a film by Larry Schweikart and Marc Leif) Official retail DVD Release; 10 Stars! Classic rock fans / followers should especially be interested.

OH...let me name drop...from The Doors...includes cool classic rockers like; Robby Krieger. Briefly, and used where it counted most. One more BIG name, John Van Tongeren. Does original score music. Keyboardist and Music Composer with some really super cool credits to his name. So, many reasons as to why to check this out, if you have not already. Is worth buying / renting for the evening.

Gary Brown
American Correspondent & 'The Stay at Home and Watch Documentary Guy' for Classic Rock Radio (Dot EU)