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Greg Lake Solo Reissues

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23 May 2016
Classic Rock Reissues (2015 Double Disc CD)
Musician: Greg Lake
Disc # 01. Greg Lake - Greg Lake (1981)
Disc # 02. Greg Lake - Manoeuvres (1983)
By: Gary "Uncle G" Brown
American Correspondent for ClassicRockRadio.co.uk
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What a pleasant surprise to find out the two albums Greg Lake did in the early 1980's have been reissued. A nice double CD, accompanied with a multi page booklet where Greg gives new insights on both releases. Plus photos! Very informative, and most importantly the CD's themselves sound great. A definite upgrade for me. I had both on cassette.

Uncle G Reflects on … Greg Lake - Greg Lake (1981)

Greg Lake's first solo record starts off with a real rocker called; Nuclear Attack. The intro screams electric guitar. Different from what fans like myself expected of Greg Lake. The song ends up being the biggest hit of the album. Written by Gary Moore (1952 - 2011). A very talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Just one of many wonderful musicians who participate on this unfortunate, over all, lack luster release. A topic that Mr. Lake himself addresses in the booklet that accompanies this reissue. His honesty / self evaluation I find to be refreshing.

The music itself, more in the vein of adult contemporary than what made Greg a household name; progressive rock. His voice instantly recognizable to fans of classic rock / rock music in general due to his participation in not only one, but two very successful prog-rock bands; King Crimson, and the mighty Emerson, Lake, & Palmer. His first record with Chrysalis Records is a mix of songs, that according to Mr. Lake, had no real sense of direction. A reflection of his professional life, being up in the air. For the 1980's was a new decade, and for Greg Lake seeing how ELP had just broken up, that meant new career decisions. Not joining another band where the main focus would not be on him, and instead recording under his own name, was one of them. Sales of Greg's self titled album wasn't exactly what the label was expecting. Disappointing, especially when compared to the millions sold under the band names he was a part of. Keep in mind, this was a fresh start.


Nuclear Attack / Love You Too Much (in part written by Bob Dylan) / It Hurts / Let Me Love You Once / For Those Who Dare.

Not an out and out bad song anywhere. Just some might be better than others. People's taste varies. What tracks I give repeat plays too, someone else might not be that fond of. The one thing we Greg Lake fans all have in common is enjoying Greg's work in general as a musician. The man could create a song and have lyrics focus around doing a Google search on reptiles, and I'm sure it would be better than a lot of what could be found on today's record charts. Is my generations Tony Bennett or Andy Williams. Blessed with a singing voice that may have changed some as he aged, but has always remained strong and captivating. Also a very talented bass, and guitar player who knows his way around a recording studio. A professional career that started in 1969, that generated a song catalog any professional musician would be envious of.

Greg Lake - Greg Lake Reissue Bonus Tracks

01.) You Really Got A Hold On Me (Smokey Robinson song)
02.) You're Good With Your Love (recorded with members of Toto)
03.) Cold Side of a Woman (recorded with members of Toto)

Uncle G Reflects on … Greg Lake - Manoeuvres (1983)

This was Greg Lake's second solo record. I conclude it's a more cohesive effort, in which Greg is playing with one set of musicians throughout the album. His touring band in which he gotten use to working with. If I had to pick a favorite between his self titled first solo, and this one, I'd pick the latter. A mix of rockers, and power ballads. A solid listen from start to finish.

The Greg Lake Band

Greg Lake - Guitar, Vocals
Gary Moore - Guitar
Tristian Margetts - Bass
Tommy Eyre - Keyboards
Ted McKenna - Drums


A Woman Like You / Famous Last Words / Haunted / It's You, You Gotta Believe.

Greg Lake - Manoeuvres Reissue Bonus Track

01.) Hold On (original tune by Greg Lake)

Greg Lake - Manoeuvres Song Writing Credits

Mister Lake has his name on eight songwriting credits on this album. Bonus track makes nine. Either as the sole writer, or in part.

Uncle G Rates … Greg Lake - Greg Lake / Manoeuvres (2 disc reissue CD)

Using the one to five star rating system in which one star means one can skip over, to five stars which means every Greg Lake fan should have this in their collection, I rate Greg Lake - Greg Lake / Manoeuvres (2 disc reissue CD)… 5 stars! I am so glad I have this now. Have played both disc numerous times since acquiring. A wonderful addition to the many titles I have already with Greg Lake's involvement.

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