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In The News_The Alice Cooper Band REUNITES

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12 May 2016
*Original Members of Alice Cooper - Reunite*

By:Gary "Uncle G" Brown
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So I went to a local grocery store yesterday, early in the afternoon to pick up a few items so I can have hot dogs for lunch. Mustard, sweet relish, and bread. I already had the wieners. While there, I see the local free newspaper called; The Weekender. Not exactly published in the same town I'm in, but close by. Comes out of Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. A good little paper that highlights among other things, the music scene in the northeastern Pennsylvania area. And fresh off the presses, a cover with a picture of Alice Cooper on it. I'm not surprised. He's playing Wilkes-Barre tomorrow night. Is sold out, in which I am not fortunate enough to have a ticket, but still I thought of going. Am sure I can get my way in, as long as I had the cash to do so. I have seen Alice's solo act twice over the years. He always puts on a good show. Sitting here typing this … maybe?

The headline on the newspaper, made me curious as to what the story contents were going to be about. It reads:

"Alice Cooper's Latest Release, A Mini-Reunion And His Vampire Side Gig".

The story is written by Alan Sculley. I conclude even before reading the piece, that it's promo for the Wilkes-Barre gig, and The Hollywood Vampires that Alice is included in, along with actor Johnny Depp, and Aerosmith's Joe Perry. After performing live here and there, The Hollywood Vampires are about to begin their first real tour. Would love to catch a show. Distance away might prevent me. Even if I can't attend, I strongly recommend anyone who can, to catch one show or several, if able to do so.

Once home from the store, I make lunch, and while sitting down to eat, I start reading the newest Weekender edition. On page four is a full page picture of Alice Cooper, wearing a blood soaked white shirt. Has his left eye closed, and his right eye open. Looks rather murderous. Page five is where the article begins. Nothing that uncommon until one gets to the end of the third paragraph. It's mentioned that Alice is working on new music. His last studio record was 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare', which came out almost five years ago. A sequel to Alice's mega hit, and debut solo album; Welcome To My Nightmare (1975). Between then and now, is his involvement with; The Hollywood Vampires. The man stays busy, and has been for the most part, throughout his whole musical career.

Between the original Alice Cooper, and his solo act, he's somewhere in between twenty-five and thirty studio records. Started in 1969, with himself and four others calling themselves Alice Cooper, and an album called; Pretties For You (1969). Their first big hit, I'm Eighteen, released a year later, on the band's third studio album called; Love It To Death. Long story short, the band that consisted of Michael Bruce (rhythm guitar / keyboards), Glen Buxton (lead guitar), Dennis Dunaway (bass), Neal Smith (drums), and Vincent Furnier (playing the part of Alice) after much success, crashed and burned. Alice's solo career started in 1975, and has not stopped. The band had a reunion of sorts doing three tracks, on the previously mentioned Nightmare 2 recording. The group was inducted in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame around the same time. This was all, minus Glen Buxton (RIP), who passed away back in 1997.

To continue the new story on Alice, this is where my jaw and the hot dog I was eating, dropped on the floor. Again Alice mentions he's working on new music. But get this, he goes on to say he's doing that with Neal Smith, and Mike Bruce. That they wrote, and demoed about three or four songs recently, and how this could be a follow up to the bands fourth album, Killer (1971). Next came the news that Dennis Dunaway, who is busy on a book tour, has two or three songs put aside for the project. No information on a release date, or anything of that nature. 

A new Alice Cooper (band) studio album … in the works. OMG! At one time, an impossibility. Now it appears to be a reality. I imagine the involvement of producer Bob Ezrin. He produced the bands four most popular albums; Love It To Death, Killer, School's Out, and Billion Dollar Babies. I can't think of anyone I'd like to hear doing this job, besides maybe Jack Douglas, who produced the groups last studio album; Muscle Of Love (1974). And while on the subject, I'd like to hear that guitarist Steve Hunter is also involved in some aspects. Steve graciously took over Glen's role when the guys were inducted in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame (2011). Myself, a fan of the original band since before they split up, I'd be cool with that (if possible). He'd be my first pick.

And there you have it. Until more news comes out, this is pretty much all we got for the moment. I put a call in with Michael Bruce. Newly married, he's been active starting up a new band (Michael Bruce Force), and meeting up with the Cooper members doing various things. All that I'm sure has everything to do with this announcement that the original members are being creative again. Am sure I'll hear from Michael sooner or later. When I do, I predict more off the record comments, than anything else. One evening way back when, he poured ketchup on my TV screen. Another story for another day.

Will keep you updated...

Source: The Weekender -

And for those interested, I just reviewed the debut album of The Hollywood Vampires. You can find that here:

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