Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Help Find This Missing Big Country Guitar!

Eagle-eyed  rock lovers in Dunfermline, or where ever you may be as you never know where something can pop up ... please keep  your eyes peeled  for this missing guitar  (pictured above with Jamie on the left) which needs to be reunited pronto with Big Country's Jamie Watson. The  electro acoustic guitar, a Freshman Apollo 3 OC, was accidentally left in the back of a taxi on Sunday morning.

Jamie's mother  Sandra Watson  says

"They got a taxi outside the club (PJ's) at 1.35am and got the driver to wait while he picked up his guitar and an overnight bag from our house in Dunfermline. Because there were four of them they put the guitar in the boot of the taxi and then forgot all about it when they got there. ''

(The taxi had gone  on to an address in Oakley )

"He can't remember any details about the car, we've phoned round all the taxi companies we can think of and told the police but we've had no luck so far.  It's the only guitar he has up here - the rest are in London - but he absolutely loves it. It's a well played, well loved guitar"

Big Country are due to play A Taste of Hard Rock Calling in London on Thursday, a warm-up before headlining one of the stages at Hard Rock Calling on Sunday, also in Hyde Park

It is possible  that the guitar which has a serial number and is  in a black and grey soft-bodied case  could still be in the boot of this taxi  unknown to the driver, however it is sadly also possible that someone has  taken advantage of the  situation .

 If you know where the guitar is or have any information about it please contact Dunfermline Police Station

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