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Uncle G_Tales from Space City Comic Con 2015_Chapter 4_Its A Wrap

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27 Aug 2015
Space City Comic Con 2015
Chapter 4 - It's A Wrap!

So far I have written three stories about last month's Houston's 'Space City Comic Con', published about a week apart from one another. I saved the BIGGEST for last! A collection of Uncle G's 'best of' moments at Space City Comic Con 2015.

For the record, I spent four days covering the event. Saw a lot! Did my share of walking, and resting and leaning against walls. I'm so grateful for my walking stick. Really aided me in getting around. The fact is, I'm legally disabled. Most I'm sure who saw me probably thought the handcrafted walking stick with my initials (GB) carved into it at the top, was a television or movie prop. The thing is, I'm not ready for a cane quite yet. A long auto-bio short, the last disc in my back is totally crushed. I have other injuries as well. A five decade history of blue/white collar jobs. The writing in which I do nowadays, comes naturally, and was something I first got into when in grade school. Disabled at age fifty. Out of lemons, make lemonade. Without having to work a forty, I have more free time to focus, and devote to what I hope in the future will be a successful, and prosperous writing career. I digress. Back to my walking stick. While at the latest Space City Comic Con, I got my photograph taken (by Epic Photo Ops) with the legendary William Shatner, special guest at the Space City Comic Con, standing next to him with … my walking stick. A pretty cool moment in my life. The fanboy in me wants to yell out; "I got my photo with Captain Kirk!" I did manage to tell Mr. Shatner that I enjoyed the last CD he made with Billy Sherwood; William Shatner - Ponder The Mystery (2013).

Gary "Uncle G" Brown and William Shatner
One lady security guard questioned me in the entire four days I was there, asking me if my walking stick was a weapon. I found the inquiry rather silly considering how there were real weapons like swords, on the other side of the door I was trying to enter. So I said; "No". She looks at me. A man in his early 50's, six feet, close to two hundred pounds, with a white beard, holding onto this thick piece of wood that's as tall as he is. Oh, and I had a media pass I had shown her. She said after a moment or two of sizing up the situation; OK. And I went my way. This was on Sunday, my last day there. Previous days and no one says shit. Security people could not be any nicer to me, inside or outside the building. No one blinks an eye at my walking aide. Maybe I reminded the lady door guard of someone she didn't like?

Note: Walking Stick purchased online at Brazos Walking Sticks. Made in U.S.A.

Uncle G's Space City Comic Con 2015 Highlights

Volunteers: These are people who give of their free time, to help out at the convention. For them there may be perks like meeting celebrities, or free admission. I found the concept all very fascinating. I quizzed a few that I ran into throughout my convention travels. All were very happy with the experience, be it helping celebrity guests, or checking tickets at the front door. I'd be interested in taking part myself at an event such as this in the future, just to see what it further entailed. I'm limited to what I can do. Still, it sure is different, and I'm sure interesting as well. All the volunteers I met were very nice, and very good at whatever their assigned task was. Thanks again to all those who gave me guidance and/or a helping hand throughout the four days.

Cos players: Mostly grown adults who have fun escaping lifes realities by pretending not to be themselves. In this case, characters somehow connected with what one would regularly see at a comic book convention. I saw a lot of Batman's and Superman's walking around. Because of the Star Trek events, and William Shatner from the original show being there, the convention drew a ton of Trekkies. Star Wars was represented as well. Some of the ladies looked truly out of sight. The Cos Player who got my attention most, surprisingly wasn't a beautiful scantly clad woman, but instead was a pretty cool dude portraying remarkably well, the beloved Mr. Spock character from the original Star Trek program, Paul Forest AKA Spock Vegas. Easy to find on Facebook, and has his own website. In his own way, Paul ROCKS! it was a pleasure saying hello, and I even got a picture with him. My first ever photo with a professional Cos Player. Very good job Paul! You keep the memory, and spirit of the late Leonard Nimoy's, Mr. Spock alive, and in our hearts.

Spock Vegas and Gary "Uncle G" Brown
Music: Not really classic rock per-say, but the three day comic book convention extravaganza did have it's share of live musical entertainment. The reason that, that got me to attend Space City Comic Con in the first place, was seeing Tim Russ play. He's more old school rhythm and blues. I enjoyed his performance immensely, which was evident in my review.

A world music instrumental band with a Celtic flavor who calls themselves, Tartanic, seriously got my attention. Bagpipes and drums. I saw them play to the crowd in general, and draw a crowd they did. Along with the music performed by guys in kilts, two very pretty lady dancers. To help remember, as I'm typing this, I'm playing one of their CDs; Tartanic - Universal (2012). Listening to the bagpipes and awesome drum beats in my own living room, really is pretty cool. Included on the CD is a very cool cover of AC/DC's Thunderstruck (Extreme). And I luv a number they call, Haboob (he said boob). I was not only impressed by their performances, but with them as well. A pleasure to be around as a matter of fact, for I did spend time with various members, with the consumption of beer varying at every occasion. Music's great to drink too! In person, they sure know how to entertain! If ever the occasion to see Tartanic live … do so! Speaking of which, I might see them again at the next Texas Renaissance Festival (Oct 10th to Nov 29th, located just 50 miles northwest of Houston, Texas). They will be there! Admittingly not the type of music I listen to everyday. In the case of Tartanic, good for my Irish soul. The two CDs I have of theirs are all keepers by the way, as I'm sure everything else in their catalog is. The other one I have is a bit older (2008). Called Tartanic - Uncivilized. It seriously ROCKS! 

For more information on Tartanic, please consult their offical page @

Also worth mentioning is a young band that has in my opinion, a very promising future. A pop punk group who collectively call themselves; Make Out Monday. The group includes actor Jeremy Shada. The younger ladies in the audience seemed to adore them. Very energetic when performing. I chilled out having a cold beer, watching them play, and then checking out the audience reaction. Performed on Saturday nights after hours shindig along with Tartanic. Seeing Tim Russ perform earlier in the evening, it all made for a cool night of toe tapping tunes.

Cool People: Friday I got to hang out some with Adam Howard, and Rick Sternbach. Two guys whose imagination helped make many stars. We talked music, mostly. Go figure. Mr. Howard knows his prog-rock. While Mr. Sternbach ate a snack, Adam and I both talked, and seemed to really enjoy ourselves doing so. If ever the opportunity arises and you can meet these two guys, go for it. If at A Star Trek convention (always a part of larger conventions nowadays) the lines will be longer for the actors, then for the guys who helped design a few things for the show they were on, including the spaceship the actors called home, as is the case of Star Trek Voyager, whereas Rick designed the main spacecraft. Mr. Sternbach was also an artist on the original Cosmos TV program.

Adam and Rick are probably some of the best artists/set designers/visual effects guys in films. When Bart Simpson writes on the school chalkboard, that font is Adams. And a cool thing happened when I again was visiting with Rick. International Space Station Astronaut Douglas Wheelock came up to give his regards to him. How impressive is that. And we're next door to an official NASA booth where I got an official NASA coffee mug for only six bucks.

Automobiles: At the Space City Comic Con, be prepared to witness anything. That includes cool cars. What caught my eye was Speed Racers Mach 5 with front duel saws that I would love to have driving home to Katy from Houston on super Highway I-10 during rush hour traffic. 

Space City Comic Con 2015: Mach 5
Another car that caught my attention was a fan tribute to the tv program Supernatural. The jet black 1967 Chevrolet Impala. The owners are from Texas and seem to be really nice people. Appear to seriously enjoy having the car, and people's reaction to it. GREAT photo opportunities in which I did myself. Sorry to say that most pictures taken came out too blurry to publish. OK because it was fun to see in person. Way cool automobile. A fantastic job with the details. Dedication I'd rate; A+. And remember...old men over fifty usually carry their own knives. 

For more information on this cool CW Network Supernatural TV show replica 1967 Chevrolet Impala go to above web addresses. Pass on Uncle G said hello. 

Young Artists: It was a comic book convention I was at. While walking down the aisles a cool recreation of Beavis and Butt-head caught my eye. Favorites of mine. The young artists from a company they call; Bakerz Duzen/Bakerzduzen Art. The great older artist of today, were in their youth, unknowns. I purchased a copied version (not original) of the 1990's antihero's. The least I could do. Would hate to hear of any of them starving later on.

A cool caricature of B & B by Bakerzduzen Art
Shout Out: To author James Kahn. I tried to find that Star Wars poster for you, but then realized I had an appointment to get my photo taken with William Shatner. After that I tried to find you, and saw your table with the poster, and you not there. Then I got side tracked. Enjoyed talking to you. Good luck with the Wrongside Bob project. 

More Details @
James Kahn IMDb Page:
Again I thank the good folks at the Space City Comic Con for allowing me to do my thing. Am happy with the results myself. I got four different stories out of the experience, including this one. Thousands of words, several cool photos...a short story with four different parts. A cool experience that I would recommend others doing. Repeatedly, which is more than likely why you will see me at the next SPACE CITY COMIC CON. 

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