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Uncle G's Fun Movie Reviews_Reel Evil

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19 Oct 2015
Uncle G's FUN Movie Reviews
Spotlight: Reel Evil (2012 Full Moon Features)

By: Gary "Uncle G" Brown
Twitter @GBrown0816

Note: Since the 1990’s, I been watching / collecting Full Moon Features movies. Here’s one from my collection.

Reel Evil (directed by Danny Draven)

Reel Evil - DVD - signed by Danny Draven (director) / Charles Band (producer)
From Charles Band’s Full Moon Film Studios in Hollywood California, comes yet another cool indie / B horror film. This one’s called; Reel Evil. A found footage horror movie. I know, not again. Seen enough after Blair Witch right? Honestly, I’m not a fan of the storyline myself. Still, I like the way Full Moon presented it, and I’m actually fine with this motion picture. Matter of fact, I’m pretty happy with it.

I purchased the DVD off Full Moon’s website;

Caught the pre-sale a couple / few weeks back. Arrived in my mailbox autographed by the director of the film, Danny Draven, and film company head, Charles Band. Didn’t charge more for the signatures. That I liked. Just paid for the product. Motivated me to join in, and get it for the home collection.

One of the stars in the film is a lovely young actress name; Jessica Morris. She also starred in one of my favorite Full Moon flicks from the year 2008; Dangerous Worry Dolls. Seems to have a good career going. Appeared on the daytime soap ‘One Life To Life’ for several years. She also did an episode of one of my wife’s favorite TV shows; CSI. Certainly gives a well done performance here. One of the best I seen her do.

Directed by Danny Draven. In his early thirties he already has an impressive resume of the IMDd website. By watching this film I can tell it’s going to get a lot better. From the intro to the end credits, he directed this movie to come out looking pretty damn cool. Filmed in six days (he states that and gives all kinds of details on the commentary track that came with the DVD).

Without giving too much away, an eager three person film crew gets their BIG break filming behind the scenes footage for a horror movie that’s being filmed in one of the creepiest places found in Los Angeles, California. Our young wannabes wander off by themselves, starting a rather scary trip through the bowels of what was once an insane asylum. Welcome to their nightmare.

The DVD is LOADED with lots of cool bonus features. The BEST one; VideoZone. For me it’s the return of. I missed the official return found in the bonus bits of the newest Puppet Master movie. I fell in love with the special feature Videozone back in the 1990’s. One Full Moon VHS tape back in the day, would come with besides the featured movie, commercials for their products, and then; VideoZone. It’s a behind the scenes look at the film you just saw. A whole night’s worth of entertainment. All that was missing, was the popcorn. And then VideoZone disappeared for years. My guest was that it became to expensive to keep doing. Cut into profit. Became just a distant memory. Until now !! Super glad to see it’s return.

Congrats to Full Moon / Danny Draven for doing a real good job here. Great audio sound. Includes a ton of Full Moon new and old trailers. Comes with a DVD-Rom feature; shooting script and movie poster. All that and a good movie in which everything is centered around.

Check out Full Moon’s official website(s) for additional information / ways the film is available for sale / viewing. Link provided in the beginning of the story. You can also check out Full Moon’s streaming service to see if it’s available on there.

                         Official Full Moon Features Trailer (2012) 

Check out Full Moon's official website(s) for additional information / ways the film is available for sale / viewing. Link provided in the beginning of the story. You can also check out Full Moon's streaming service to see if it's available on there.

Update 2015:  Director Danny Draven recently completed filming a new movie called Patient Seven that is being distributed by Terror Films. Stars one of the coolest action guys around; Michael Ironside. Can't wait to see this one. 

Danny Draven Official Facebook Page

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