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Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus played at the Chateau Ste Michelle in Woodinville, WA Sunday night, August 24, 2014. They couldn’t have played a better outside venue for their 3rd Guitar Circus. The Chateau Ste Michelle is the oldest and most beautiful French style winery in Washington State founded in 1937.

It was 8:30pm sharp and the circus music began with the Beatle’s “Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite,” while the stage wide screen displayed circus images to the anticipating audience. After three minutes, Peter and his Guitar Circus walked out on stage and the first thing I took notice of was Peter’s fantastic smile!

Nothing said, the band went right into the first song, “You Had to Be There,” but it was the second song, “Doobie Wah,” that had me jumping around like a monkey and brought me right back into my teen years. No loose ends with Peter’s Guitar Circus, they are a tightly roped band consisting of talented musicians, Rob Arthur on keys, guitar, and vocals – Adam Lester on guitar – Stanley Sheldon on bass- and the man, the engine that OOZES soul, Dan Wojciechowski on drums.

Like at most concerts, the wide screen at the back of the stage runs images while the band plays and was no exception at this show, however, during the fifth song, “Show Me the Way,” the images shown were of Peter Frampton in 1977 as a young lad on stage, dressed in white, simultaneously performing “Show Me the Way.” At one point Peter turned around to look at his image on the screen and then looked back at the audience with an expression of surprise and the audience returned their delight with clapping and loud cheers. After the song, Peter took a moment to remember his two bandmates, John Siomos and Bob Mayo who have passed away.

Peter has an incredible talent for putting the most amazing hooks in his songs. “I’ll Give You Money” is a hard rockin’ tune with the sweetest hook and it was showcased to really unleash the guitars in the second half of the show. A four minute daring duel broke out between Peter Frampton and his talented second guitarist, Adam Lester whom never faltered from the power coming from Peter’s guitar.

Guitar Circus features special guests and this show featured Don Felder, songwriter and lead guitarist for the American group the Eagles. Peter stepped back and let Don be the ringmaster as he picked out the 12 string intro to, “Hotel California.” Cradled in his hands, was his rare Gibson EDS 1275 Double 12 guitar, another iconic moment in history for Woodinville, Washington and the audience proved this with a standing O! Don and Peter performed two songs together, the second being Stevie Ray Vaughan’s, “Pride and Joy.”

There was a special guest in the audience, as Peter pointed out for the intro to his next song, Matt Cameron, drummer for Sound Garden! Peter performed an instrumental version of Sound Garden’s, “Black Hole Sun.” If ever there was a song written for Peter Frampton to cover, it would be this one. He has really made it his own by putting his guitar through all the hoops of tone and cool sounds. 

The last song of the night was, “Do You Feel Like We Do.” Peter had fun with the voicebox, asking the audience, “Can you hear me?” “How’s the wine?” making us all laugh, which he did so easily throughout the night. The audience was so moved by the iconic performance that they rushed to the stage to send Peter off with dancing, cheering, and lit lighters, just like back in the day of laid back security.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Be Amazed, Be Amused! Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus is an incredible experience of epic hits, special guests, covers, and new songs from his latest album ‘Hummingbird In A Box,’ all featuring Peter Frampton’s guitar wizardry. Be There!


1. Had To Be There

2. Doobie Wah

3. Lines On My Face

4. Heart To My Chest (New)

5. Show Me The Way

6. Double Nickels

7. Money

8. Hotel California (Don Felder)

9. Pride & Joy (Don Felder)

10. Black Hole Sun

11. Baby I Love Your Way

12. Do You Feel Like We Do

Review by:
Jill Maciel/West Coast Correspondent

Photos by:
Scott Banning

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