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Taste Ill Remember
A Four CD Boxset of Rory Gallaghers Taste
Eires First Seminal Rock Band
Released 28th August 2015

The Boxset Contains:
Remastered Versions of Their Two Acclaimed Studio Albums
Taste and On The Boards Including Bonus Tracks
Previously Unreleased Live Concert Recordings From
Stockholms Konserthuset, The BBC and Woburn Abbey Festival
Demos of Released and Unreleased Songs
Extensive Sleevenotes Including Rare and Previously Unseen Photographs

Ill Remember is an extensive four disc boxset from Eires first seminal rock band, Rory
Gallagher s, Taste . Over half of the tracks are officially unreleased material, including live
recordings and demos, as well as remastered versions of their two studio albums Taste
and On The Boards. Released on 28th August on Polydor through Universal Music

Taste were one of the worlds most formidable live bands in the late 1960s / early 70s.
Fronted by one of the the most iconic and influential guitarist of all time, Rory Gallagher , Ill
Remember captures the essence of the band from their incredible studio recordings through
to their mind blowing live performances.

Taste were the beginning of an incredible career for Rory who has inspired and drew
admiration from a plethora of guitarists including John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Marr,
Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Eric Clapton and Brian May signified in these quotes**...
John Lennon I heard Taste for the first time the other day and that bloke is going

Jimi Hendrix when asked How does it feel to be the best guitarist in the world Jimi
replied I dont know, why dont you go and ask Rory Gallagher.

Johnny Marr The man who changed my musical life was Rory Gallagher, I picked
up a guitar because of him.

Slash Playing on stage with him in LA was one of the biggest thrills for me ever.

Eric Clapton The man who got me back into the blues.

Brian May So these couple of kids come up, whos me and my mate, and say How
do you get your sound Mr. Gallagher? and he sits and tells us. So I owe Rory
Gallagher my sound.

Rory Gallagher is synonymous with his battered Fender Stratocaster, calling it ...his lucky
charm and that ...its part of me. To this day, replicas of the paint stripped sunburst
Strat is one of Fenders most popular, and in honour of Rorys long standing association with the
brand, they have named their head office conference room after him.

Track Listing
Disc One
Taste was their debut album and originally released in April 1969. This fully remastered
version comes with six previously unreleased bonus tracks of alternate studio recordings of
songs from the album.

Disc Two
On The Boards
Originally released in January 1970. This fully remastered version also includes five
previously unreleased bonus tracks on CD for the first time, including recordings from the
legendary German Beat Club TV show.

Disc Three Live
in Stockholm and London
Consisting of 13 live tracks, this is the first official release of two performances from 1970.
Tracks 1 8, Live at Konserthuset, were recorded in Stockholm and include two numbers
previously unavailable on any other official Taste album At The Bottom and Nineteen Year
Old. Tracks 9 13, BBC Live in Concert, were recorded offair
at the Paris Theatre in London as part of John Peels live Top Gear sessions.

Disc Four
Belfast Sessions and Demos and Live At Woburn Abbey Festival
Their first official release, disc four is a collection of demo recordings made in July 1967 at
Belfasts Maritime Hotel, in the hope of securing the record deal with Decca Records. Live
At Woburn Abbey Festival was recorded in 1968, and was Tastes first British festival
appearance and shared the line up with Hendrix, Donovan and John Mayalls Bluesbreakers
and was one of the final appearances for the original Taste line up.

Taste were founded in Cork, the Republic of Ireland, in late 1966 by Rory Gallagher. They
soon built a reputation as a formidable live band through shows in Ireland and at the German
clubs .The original line up of Rory (lead vocal and guitar), Eric Kitteringham (bass) and
Norman DAmery (drums) played their first show in London at the Marquee Club on 30th
June 1967 (an audition, under a different name) and by August they had their own
residency. By 1968 they played at the Woburn Abbey Festival. Following auditions for
Polydor and other record labels and a management intervention, Eric and Norman were to
depart the band with John Wilson and Richard Charlie McCracken joining on drums and
bass respectively.

They signed to Polydor and released two studio albums, Taste in April
1969 and On The Boards in January 1970. The band disbanded with a farewell show in
Belfast on New Year's Eve 1970, with Rory going solo and selling in excess of 30 million
albums worldwide.

Taste were Rory Gallaghers first steps to being the undoubted icon and inspiration that he
is today. With the recent 20th anniversary of his sad and untimely death (14th June), it was
commemorated throughout Ireland with a series of incredible events including a
simultaneous playing of Tattood Lady across all of the radio stations and landmarks in

The Irish President, Michael D. Higgins (who has a picture of Rory on his office wall) also
honoured him in his annual Bloomsday Garden Party Speech, saying ... his legacy is a
profound one, one acknowledged in so many cities around the world. His great talent
continues to inspire and influence a new generation of guitarists and he remains one of the
most highly regarded Irish musicians of all time. He went on to say... "Rory's role in the story
of Irish blues and rock music is immeasurable. Read more here:

Full Track Listing:
Disc One
01: Blister On The Moon ( 3:26 )
02: Leaving Blues ( 4:15 )
03: Sugar Mama ( 7:14 )
04: Hail ( 2:35 )
05: Born On The Wrong Side of Time ( 4:00 )
06: Dual Carriageway Pain ( 3:13 )
07: Same Old Story ( 3:32 )
08: Catfish ( 8:04 )
09: Im Moving On ( 2:29 )
10: Blister On The Moon Alt Version ( 3:30 )
11: Leaving Blues Alt Version ( 4:20 )
12: Hail Alt Version ( 2:36 )
13: Dual Carriageway Pain Alt Version No Vocal ( 3:00 )
14: Same Old Story Alt Version ( 3:30 )
15: Catfish Alt Version ( 8:00 )

Disc Two
On The Boards
01: Whats Going On ( 2:44 )
02: Railway and Gun ( 3:33 )
03: Its Happened Before, Itll Happen Again ( 6:32 )
04: If The Day Was Any Longer ( 2:07 )
05: Morning Sun ( 2:38 )
06: Eat My Words ( 3:45 )
07: On The Boards ( 6:01)
08: If I Dont Sing Ill Cry ( 2:38 )
09: See Here ( 3:04 )
10: Ill Remember ( 3:01 )
11: Railway and Gun Off The Boards mix ( 3:30 )
12: See Here Alt Version ( 3:00 )
13: Its Happened Before, Itll Happen Again Take 2 Beat Club audio 1970 ( 10:52 )
14: If The Day Was Any Longer Beat Club audio 1970 ( 2:35 )
15: Morning Sun Beat Club audio 1970 ( 3:31 )
16: Its Happened Before, Itll Happen Again Take 1 Beat Club audio 1970 ( 9:48 )

Disc Three
Live In Stockholm and London 1970
01: Whats Going On ( 3:00 ) Live in Stockholm September 1970
02: Sugar Mama ( 7:00 ) Live in Stockholm September 1970
03: Gambling Blues ( 4:00 ) Live in Stockholm September 1970
04: Sinner Boy ( 4:00 ) Live in Stockholm September 1970
05: At The Bottom (4:00) Live in Stockholm September 1970
06: Shes 19 Years Old ( 4:00) Live
in Stockholm September 1970
07: Morning Sun ( 2:40 ) Live
in Stockholm September 1970
08: Catfish ( 5:30 ) Live
in Stockholm September 1970
09: Ill Remember ( 5:30 ) BBC Radio One Live from the Paris Theatre 1970***
10: Railway and Gun ( 4:10 ) BBC Radio One Live from the Paris Theatre 1970***
11: Sugar Mama ( 6:31 ) BBC Radio One Live from the Paris Theatre 1970***
12: Eat My Words ( 8:17 )BBC Radio One Live from the Paris Theatre 1970***
13: Catfish ( 5:32 ) BBC Radio One Live from the Paris Theatre 1970***
*** Off air recordings

Disc Four Taste Mark I Belfast Sessions and Demos / 7 single and Live at
Woburn Abbey Festival 1968
01: Wee Wee Baby ( 2:45 ) Major Minor demo
02: How Many More Years ( 3:24 ) Major Minor demo
03: Take It Easy Baby ( 7:09 ) Major Minor demo
04: Pardon me Mister ( 2:41 ) Major Minor demo
05: Youve Got To Pay ( 2:42 ) Major Minor demo
06: Norman Invasion ( 3:01 ) Major Minor demo
07: Worried Man ( 2:30 ) Major Minor demo
08: Blister On The Moon A side of the Major Minor 7 single
09: Born On The Wrong Side of Time B Side of the Major Minor 7 single
10: Summertime ( Instrumental ) ( 1:31 ) Live at Woburn Abbey Festival 1968
11: Blister On The Moon ( 3:38 ) Live at Woburn Abbey Festival 1968
12: I Got My Brand On You ( 7:23 ) Live at Woburn Abbey Festival 1968
13: Medley Rock Me, Baby / Bye Bye Bird / Baby Please Dont Go / You Shook Me, Baby (10:59 ) Live at Woburn Abbey Festival 1968

** Further quotes from guitarist about Rory Gallagher

The Edge A pal gave me the Taste album, with the track Blister On the Moon, I loved it
and played it over and over all the time.

The Edge A beautiful man and an amazing guitar player. He was a very sensitive man and
a great musician.

Bono One of the top ten guitar players of all time, but more importantly, one of the top ten
good guys. Taste was my first experience of a real rock band.

Bono Taste were astonishing, Rory Gallagher was a gifted and extraordinary performer.

Jimmy Page Rorys death really upset me. I heard about it just before we went on stage,
and it put a damper on the evening. I cant say I knew him that well, but I remember meeting
him in our offices once, and we spent an hour talking. He was such a nice guy and a great

Van Morrison Rorys death is a tragic loss of a great musician and a very good friend.

Vivian Campbell He was my first guitar hero

Shooter Jennings One of the best guitarist, best songwriters and best performers that ever

Slash Rory Gallagher is badass

Johnny Marr He was the shit!

Ritchie Blackmore Rory was probably the most natural player Ive ever seen. In all the gigs
we did together I dont think I ever heard him play the same thing twice... He was the
ultimate performer.

Peter Frampton When I was with Humble Pie and we were all just beginning to feel like we
were getting it together, Rory was the one to measure yourself against. To be able to play
like that with such intensity was awesome and really the only other guitarist that had that
ability was Hendrix. I could never get a sound like that from my Strat no matter how hard I
tried. He was a real credit to music and pushed it to another level altogether.

Joe Satriani Really an amazing player, very spirited... he had a particular sound using that
Stratocaster and he really got it because of the brute force in the way that he played, he just
had such a passion about it.

Steven Tyler I remember standing at the side of the stage with Joe (Perry) and Brad
(Whitfield) and thinking that we better come up with something special, going on after Rory.
Boy, was he hot in those days!... Rorys playing was so natural that the guitar just seemed to
be a part of his hands.

Joe Perry I remember the only time that we were blown off (stage) fair and square in true
style. That night Rory Gallagher was just too good to stop."

Tom Guerra Rory is probably the single guitarist who meant the most to me.

Cameron Crowe It was all about him playing the guitar, it got into your soul.

Ed Sheeran "A Million Miles Away was the first song I learned on guitar. The story goes that
when Jimi Hendrix was asked how it felt to be the greatest guitarist in the world, he
answered, "I don't know. Go ask Rory Gallagher.

Glen Tipton (Judas Priest) Without a shadow of a doubt, the person who inspired me to
become a musician, and who I thought was unbelievable and magical was Rory Gallagher

Ace Frehley (Kiss) "Rory Gallagher he was a great player. I've seen him perform several
times he just used to use a little Fender amp and that beatup
old Strat, but boy, he could
make that guitar talk. He was another guitar player who never got the credit he deserved, it's

Martin Carthy "Words like fire, passion, friendliness, openness; these are all the words
which apply. He was an open book. But one word and one word only can apply, it seems, to
the person who makes life worthwhile by example. Who loves his trade and the people who
also ply it and one who tells them so. Who makes his peers feel good by simple presence.
Rory Gallagher graced music as he graced humanity. The word is grace.

Joe Bonamassa As soon as I heard Cradle Rock, I was hooked. I thought, This is what I

want to be when I grow up.’”

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