Thursday 16 July 2015

Tony Banks
A Chord Too Far
A Special Edition FourDisc
Boxset of Tony Banks Acclaimed Solo Career
Including Remixed And Unreleased Pieces
Released 31 July 2015
Esoteric Recordings

Founding member of Genesis , Tony Banks , is to release A Chord Too Far as a fourdisc
boxset, that brings together selected songs from his celebrated solo career. Released on
Esoteric Recordings, a Cherry Red Records label, on 31 July .
With a tracklist personally selected by Tony , this special edition set consists of 49 songs
and pieces, many of which have been remixed exclusively for this collection , and are from
his seven solo and two orchestral albums A Curious Feeling (1979), The Fugitive (1983), The
Wicked Lady (1983) (film score), Soundtracks (1986) (a combination of original scores Tony
wrote for films Starship and Quicksilver), Bankstatement (1989), Still (1991), Strictly Inc (1995),
and his orchestral albums Seven: A Suite for Orchestra (2004) and SIX Pieces for Orchestra
(2012) culminating in this unique collection of his eclectic and diverse music. Also included are
four unreleased pieces, three of which are keyboard demos of from his orchestral suites. The
other is a piece originally written for the ‘Still’ album.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010 as a member of Genesis, Tony is one of
the most respected songwriters and keyboardists in the world. His career spans almost 50 years
and has seen him sell in excess of 130 million albums . His body of work is as innovative as it
is eclectic. Genesis’ avant garde style made them one of progressive rock’s founding fathers in
the 1970s, creating an experimental style of rock music never before seen. They went on to
produce music with a greater pop sensibility in the 1980s that saw them become one of the
biggest selling bands of the decade, and play stadiums throughout the world.

His solo work has continued in the same vein. As well as his rock albums which has included
collaborations with some of the world’s most respected musicians including singers Toyah
Wilcox, Fish and Nick Kershaw , bassist Pino Pallodino , and drummers Steve Gadd and
Vinnie Colaiuta , as well as long time Genesis collaborators Daryl Stuermer and Chester
Thompson . He has done original scores for four films The Shout (1978), The Wicked Lady
(1983), Starship (1985) and Quicksilver (1986) and most recently his orchestral albums, Seven:
A Suite for Orchestra and SIX Pieces for Orchestr a, that were performed by the London
Philharmonic Orchestra and City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra respectively.

Both were met with critical acclaim with classical music aficionados, Gramophone Magazine, saying “A rock musician goes ‘classical’ – with pleasing and often effective results… for Banks has a
genuine melodic gift… The recording is good, … acceptably spacious …”.

A Chord Too Far is a celebration of Tony’s work outside of Genesis, and the beginning of
re-releases of remixed versions of his entire solo and orchestral catalog... A Curious Feeling
and The Fugitive are set to be released at the end of October, with The Wicked Lady and
Soundtracks at the end of January 2016. Further detail will be announced soon on his other

A Chord Too Far , is released on 31 July 2015 on Esoteric Recordings, a Cherry Red
Records label.

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A Chord Too Far – Tracklist

CD One
1. Rebirth – Taken From Soundtracks
2. At The Edge Of Night – Taken From The Fugitive
3. Walls Of Sound – Taken From Strictly Inc.
4. Lion Of Symmetry – Taken From Soundtracks
5. The More I Hide It – Taken From Bankstatement
6. Shortcut To Somewhere – Taken From Soundtracks
7. The Waters Of Lethe – Taken From A Curious Feeling
8. I Wanna Change The Score – Taken From Still
9. Water Out Of Wine – Taken From Still
10. Something To Live For – Taken From Strictly Inc.
11. By You – Taken From The Fugitive
12. Never Let Me Know – Taken From Strictly Inc.
13. Thirty Three’s – Taken From The Fugitive

CD Two
1. Charity Balls – Taken From Strictly Inc.
2. An Island In The Darkness – Taken From Strictly Inc.
3. The Border – Taken From Bankstatement
4. Lucky Me – Taken From A Curious Feeling
5. Another Murder Of A Day – Taken From Still
6. Moving Under – Taken From The Fugitive
7. Still It Takes Me By Surprise Taken
From Still
8. Red Day On Blue Street – Taken From Still
9. After The Lie – Taken From A Curious Feeling
10. Redwing – Taken From Soundtracks

CD Three
1. Queen Of Darkness – Taken From Bankstatement
2. A Piece Of You – Taken From Strictly Inc.
3. Big Man – Taken From Bankstatement
4. Angel Face – Taken From Still
5. This Is Love – Taken From The Fugitive
6. I’ll Be Waiting – Taken From Bankstatement
7. Back To Back – Taken From Still
8. For A While – Taken From A Curious Feeling
9. Throwback – Taken From Bankstatement
10. You Call This Victory – Taken From Soundtracks
11. And The Wheels Keep Turning – Taken From The Fugitive
12. You Taken
From A Curious Feeling
13. The Final Curtain – Taken From Still

CD Four
1. Blade – Taken From Six Pieces For Orchestra
2. Black Down – Taken From Seven
3. Siren – Taken From Six Pieces For Orchestra
4. Earthlight – Taken From Seven
5. From The Undertow – Taken From A Curious Feeling
6. Spring Tide**
7. Neap Tide**
8. City Of Gold**
9. The Chase Taken From The Wicked Lady
10. Kit Taken From The Wicked Lady
11. Poppet
12. The Wicked Lady – Taken From The Wicked Lady
** Demo

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