Sunday 28 July 2013

Calling rockers in Barnsley

A new club night is being launched on Friday 9 August across three floors at Silvers on Wellington Street in Barnsley town centre.  Three live bands will be playing the launch night including local heroes Shermer, Frazer and Polyopia.  Club Generation X will play the best in old and new on the alternative music scene including tracks by local bands covering rock, indie, punk, metal and its FREE entry.

The club night is being organised by Steve Clifford, Dave Pearsall and John Backhouse, who recently staged the hugely successful LIVE in Barnsley music festival in the town centre.

Dave says “ Everyone has told us it can’t be done and there is no ‘market’ for this in Barnsley.  Well, everyone told us the same about LIVE in Barnsley.... and I hate people being described as ‘market’.  In the words of the great blues guitarist, Buddy Guy, “Music makes people happy, and that's why I go on doing it - I like to see everybody smile.”

An interesting feature of the club night is that they have promised to play the best in local music with tracks by Aztec Doll, The Exhibition, Black Lamps, Redmist Destruction, Andwhatarmy, Antesaint, Mynas, Imoko Set, Frazer, Shermer, Hitomi and The Glavins already lined up to be played.

Steve says “If it’s got a loud guitar on it then we’re gonna play it.  We’re looking at running special theme nights that will cover classic rock, 70’s punk, 80’s new wave, ska, Two Tone, indie, goth, electronic, hair metal, grunge, Britpop, britrock, nu-metal, rap-metal and any other music form that will make for a good night out and gives people a break from the sanitised, homogenised, corporate pop that pollutes the mainstream airwaves today.”

On Level 1 it will be the latest indie sounds, Britpop and classic indie tracks from the past.  Level 2 is where live bands will play between 7pm-10pm and then more laid back tunes will be played at a level where you can still chat to your mates.  Level 3 though is where the volume gets loud and the rock gets heavy.

John says that “With live bands and club nights across three rooms on Friday nights, we want to make Club Generation X THE place to go for a night out and quite literally make it the stuff of legends.  If our star burns brightly only for a short amount of time, we wanna be the brightest star in the sky during that time.“

There will also be the chance to win 2 tickets to see the Grammy-nominated, multiplatinum American alternative rock band, Papa Roach, who will be heading back to Europe in support of their new album ‘The Connection’ and will feature Middle Class Rut and American Fangs as support in the UK.  Tickets are for December 2nd at Sheffield 02 Academy.

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