Monday, 25 June 2012

Knebworth 1974 Featuring The Allman Brothers band. Commemorative Set Available Now

It is perhaps strange to think that the Knebworth Festival of 1974 was originally going to be something completely different. Originally the plan had been for Led Zeppelin to headline the event with a strong supporting cast.
Sadly that was not to be as negotiations were made public that Zeppelin was in the running to headline. Once the word was out so were Zeppelin which left the promoter two options
A)    drop the whole idea
B)    Go with the strong supporting show
In the end promoter Freddy Bannister went with the second option and Knebworth was born. Opening up for business on Saturday July 20th 1974 with the Allman Brothers Band topping the bill over Van Morrison, The Doobie Brothers, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Tim Buckley
The 1974 Knebworth set commemorates the very first Knebworth festival with The Allman Brothers, Doobie Bros, Van Morrison, Tim Buckley, The Mahavishnu Orchestra and The Alex Harvey Band. It was the festival that helped make Knebworth the legend it became. It has been produced in a limited edition of 200 and includes the following:

The programme, flyer and ticket from 1974 Knebworth festival
12 photos of the 1974 Knebworth festival, including 4 new photos recently discovered.

A 330 page book on the behind the scenes hassles of promoting the Knebworth festivals and of finding the site.
5 CDs from the 1974 Knebworth festival and a DVD.

All contained in a deluxe presentation box
Plus for a limited time only a festival T-shirt.

The Boxed Sets can also be purchased in Monthly instalments to make the purchase a little easier. Check the website for details

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