Sunday 21 September 2014

After Hours - Comedy with Kevin Nealon

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21 Sept 2014

Last night my lovely wife and myself had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Nealon do stand up at the Houston Improv. For those who recognize the name, you're aware of what a funny guy this is. Others can Google, and find a long list of Hollywood credits. Two worth mentioning was his long time participation on televisions Saturday Night Live (1986-1999), and portraying Doug Wilson on cable TVs Weeds (2005 - 2012). The whole series is on Netflix now, so if you missed it, you can binge watch it one day. Eight wonderful seasons (102 episodes).

Improv Houston is a very cool place to go, on really any night of the week. Easy to find right off the I-10. Our waitress was name Britney, who was very attentive, and helped make sure we were never thirsty. Our choice of drink was a locally brewed Houston beer, that went well with a plate of fried pickles (and Ranch dressing).

The show began, and the laughter was pretty much continuous the whole time. It's nice of the comics to take a break for a moment so to let us in the audience catch of breath some from laughing so hard.

After being warmed up, out comes the main act, Mr. Kevin Nealon. He's on stage and the sold out crowd is cheering. Funny from the get-go, and staying that way the whole evening. His range of topics were pretty broad covering his Hollywood career, and then just everyday ordinary observances of what's going on around him.

One of the funniest segments is Kevin telling his story of getting to meet and hang out around legendary actor, Jack Nicholson. At first when Kevin said the word 'crop-dusting' it didn't register, and then it dawned on me; dude's telling a story about farting in public. And it involves...Jack Nicholson. He dared pass gas in his presence. I don't want to say anymore because I don't want to ruin the story. Involves Adam Sandler also. of those 'had to be there moments'. Butt can hear this story for yourself, and a good percentage of the show my lovely Sandra and I just saw. Kevin has out a fairly new CD / DVD called; Kevin Nealon - Whelmed...But Not Overly. Here's a link to it on Amazon Dot Com. Ordinarily I would just point folks to Kevin's official website to buy it, but the store part is still not up yet. Maybe one day soon?

Amazon Dot Com Link

Kevin Nealon's Official Website

Note: The CD / DVD is in essence, the same thing. One you can see and hear, and the other you can listen to. Accounts on the mood as to which one would get played. My lovely Sandra and I watched the DVD last night. Over coffee this morning I listened to the CD. You know it's good material when you keep laughing, even after hearing the same jokes over and over. I recommend buying it. Using the one to five star rating system, Uncle G gives this; 5 stars!

Thanks to; Improv Houston, Britney the waitress, the dude who sold me Kevin's CD / DVD Whelmed...But Not Overly (2013), and the nice man who took such a wonderful picture of my wife, Kevin, and myself. From all appearances, a good time was had by all. If possible, try catching one of Kevin's shows. We're glad we did.

Gary Brown
American Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (Dot EU)

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