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24 AUGUST 2014

Buddy Guy and his Damn Right Blues Band fired up the show at the Chateau Ste Michelle for Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus 24 August 2014.

Seven PM Buddy Guy came walking out on stage looking sharp in his white shirt with black polka dots wailing on his guitar. He greeted the audience and asked, “Have you ever had the blues?” and we all responded with high energy, “YEAH!” Buddy then told the crowd he’s had the blues from his head to his shoes and went on to play, “Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues.”

Buddy Guy has a message and that message is part of Buddy’s show in the form of music and stories. Nothing like a great blues tune, “So funky that you can smell it,” as Buddy Guy put it, for the intro to his next song, “Five Long Years.” Buddy performed this song with all the passion he could muster and his band, Marty Sammon-piano, Ric Hall-guitar, Orlando Wright-bass, and Tim Austin-drums, were right there holding it down until Marty Sammon opened up with an incredible piano solo.

As a 78 year old blues legend, Buddy has been around some of the greatest blues musicians in the business, BB King and Muddy Waters just to name a few and Buddy has many stories about his friendships and influences by them. Buddy told us a story about a poor life in Louisiana with no running water or TV and finally at age 17 his parents came home with a radio and he heard Johnny Lee Hooker for the first time. “Boom Boom Boom Boom, I like It Like That” (Buddy performed the first bit of the song), that’s the great Johnny Lee Hooker,” Buddy said. “Now here’s how the late Albert King did it.” Buddy started playing the guitar solo to Albert King’s, “Drowning On Dry Land” and the audience showed their love by standing up and shouting. This turned into an outstanding, ten minute solo with Buddy Guy walking off of the stage onto the lawn surrounded by adoring fans, cheering and taking photos.

Buddy, being 78, has not weakened in his ability to put on a great show! He’s just as strong as ever, playing his guitar with power and skill! He’s got a few tricks up his sleeve using a towel and drum stick (Jimmy Page look out!) to play his guitar instead of a pick. Now for the sad part of the show, “Why,” Buddy wonders, “Doesn’t the radio play my music or the blues?” I wonder that myself! Buddy Guy just released a fantastic album, “Rhythm & Blues” teaming up with the likes of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Beth Hart, and Keith Urban. Three genres of music on his CD and none played on the radio!

Buddy closed the show with a lovely story of his mother’s advice to him when he was a boy, that beauty is skin deep. Buddy Guy performed his 2008 song, and a favorite of mine, “Skin Deep.” I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the audience during this performance.

It was an honor for me to be a part of this incredible show and to share in Buddy’s life experiences through music and stories. He is a wise man with a message we all can learn from. The blues are an important part of history told by the best storytellers and musicians of the world so let’s forever keep the blues alive!


Damn Right I Got The Blues

Five Long Years

Someone Else Is Steppin’ In

(You Give Me) Fever

Boom Boom (Intro-Johnny Lee Hooker)

Drowning On Dry Land (Guitar Solo-Albert King)

74 Years Young

Skin Deep

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Review by:
Jill Maciel/West Coast Correspondent

Photos by:
Scott Banning

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