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Garden Music Project – Inspired By Syd Barrett's Artwork

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28 Sept 2014

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Garden Music Project – Inspired By Syd Barrett's Artwork (2014 A R Garden Records)

Knowing I wrote for a classic rock station, someone sent this CD my way. Others have done this before, and with mixed results. I have to be motivated to write, or I can't do it. People's first impression of my writing sometimes is that of a hack, because I tend to praise whatever it is I'm writing about. As stated, I must be motivated to write. Sure I can spit out bad reviews, if warranted. Involves negative energy I'd rather not associate myself with. So my rule of thumb when reviewing a musician's / band music is number one, I HAVE to LIKE it. For me, that can be defined as meaning that I'm able to make it through TWO listens of whatever disc it is. Garden Music Project had me by the end of the first song and on the very first listen. It opens with a tune called 'Garden'. The first few seconds into it actually sets the mood for the rest of the CD. We hear some whimsical sounds that help define the person in which this project is dedicated. Lasting but a few seconds, the sound then leaps back decades to a time when Syd and the rest of Pink Floyd were just taking off. It's like the 1960's psychedelic era, but with a modern prospective. For it's not Pink Floyd, and Syd passed eight years ago.

Some background information if I may. The music found on Garden Music Project – Inspired By Syd Barrett's Artwork is seen as an interpretation of the late Syd Barrett's paintings using Synesthesia perceptions and conceived by Adriana Rubio. All the music is written by Adriana Rubio and Alexander Ditzend. The group Garden Music Project consists of four musicians: Alexander Ditzend (vocals and guitar), Stefan Ditzend (bass and saxophone), Nicolas Saganias (drums and percussion), and Fabrizio Gamba (keyboards).

Living in Katy Texas, it sometimes takes things a while to reach me. Garden Music Project hails from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Their debut release came out this past July. I've been aware of it the past couple weeks, the factory pressed disc / product around the first week of September. Have played it everyday since getting it so far. Some days I press the repeat button and hear it play throughout twice. Have even brought it out of the house and played for friends, who all conclude the same by saying it's a "pretty cool album." Next come questions like, "Where can I buy it?" or "Do you know anyone who sells LSD?" To those questions, I reply back that Garden Music Project is a part of Cherry Red Records and how they've been coming out with a lot of cool shit recently. I suggest remembering the name of the band, the Internet, and a good search engine. That and throwing Amazon Dot Com as a place who might be selling imports. Remember, I'm in Katy Texas.

Rating: Like my friends say, I think the whole project is, “pretty cool.” A unique idea, and outstanding musicians that made it a success. Will be in my 2014 Top 10 list for sure. Using the one to five star rating system, Uncle G gives Garden Music Project – Inspired By Syd Barrett's Artwork, 5 stars!!! Well worth the extra money people would have to shell out being in the States to acquire the factory pressed CD. If that's not a compliment, then I don't know what is. If disposable cash is on the shy side, you can find it for ten bucks on iTunes.

Sample the tracks here:

Garden Music Project Official Website

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