Monday 22 September 2014


“I wrote the ‘Stolen Identity’ track when I found out that someone was trying to pass himself off as me. When that guy impersonated me, I had to do something to make sure all those good people who’ve loyally appreciated my past work know who is actually playing what!”

The above statement explains why guitarist Dave Flett is back writing, performing and recording music. His new solo album is called ‘Flying Blind’. Though its recording was produced to achieve that compelling Dave Flett guitar style, the varied, engaging content of the album’s 11 tracks constitutes an all-new take on the artist’s stirring and powerful mastery of musical delivery. ‘Flying Blind’ shows that Dave Flett is back - and very much on form.

Dave is well-known around the globe by serious fans of great rock music – from his days playing with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and Thin Lizzy. Dave, from Aberdeen in Scotland, moved to London in the mid ‘70s to develop his musical career. 

Fans will know that he was soon invited to join Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and played with them around the World, for years. After the Earth Band years, Dave played with Thin Lizzy, including a highly-applauded tour of Japan. However, after a glittering career in music, Dave turned his efforts to providing mental health therapy in Florida, some years ago. In that field, he proved himself no less successful, even if the fame it brought was rather less worldwide.

But one day Dave found that someone else was passing himself off as him. As a man fundamentally committed to his music, Dave felt serious concern at the prospect that music fans might be subjected to confusion. So he made the response you’d expect a musician to produce: he wrote a song about the wrong done to him, to his reputation and to his fans by this identity theft. That song – ‘Stolen Identity’ - was the genesis of his new album.

Collaboration with some articulate, talented songwriters resulted in a total of 11 original tracks for ‘Flying Blind’. The musicians on the recording are John Lingwood on drums, Eric van Lugo on additional vocals, Louie Vigilante on bass guitar, Dave Flett on all other guitars. Tony Manna handles vocals and keyboards, as well as co-producing and engineering the entire album. Guest artists are icon Manfred Mann on keyboard on the title track and Charlie de Chant on sax.

Dave is being assisted on the commercial side of the release by international music business Consultant and lawyer, David Main. The ‘Flying Blind’ tracks have been released as internet downloads, with the album now available on iTunes, Amazon and many other digital download platforms. But Dave is also open to suitable hard copy licence deals. A worldwide publishing deal has been negotiated with Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

In his ‘Flying Blind’ album, Dave has striven to combine the proven with the new. As Dave says to his fans: 
“Because I was producing my first new record in years, I committed myself to creating an album of songs which are each different in tone and pace - and which are all ‘familiar, but fresh’. I hope you feel I’ve achieved that for you.”

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