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30 June 2015 
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Spotlight: Mick Abrahams - Rivived! (2015 Gonzo Multimedia) 
Mick Abrahams - Revived! (2015 Gonzo Multimedia)
It's always a pleasure hearing such a GREAT R&B / Classic Rock guitar player like, Mick Abrahams play. Those that can't quite remember where they heard the name, be it not the British rock blues band Blodwyn Pig, then it's probably the progressive-rock supergroup; Jethro Tull. Mr. Abrahams was the original guitarist for that band. A difference in opinion as it usually is with these kinds of things, led to his departure from the group. From there so interesting a life that it was worth writing a book in which Mick did less than a decade ago. Serious health problems since, but nothing that can prevent Mr. Abrahams from releasing a extremely well done, new recording. Mick's joined by many professional, and accomplished musicians, including his replacement on the second Jethro Tull studio album, Mr. Martin Barre, in which he does one track, and then two tracks with one time bass player of one of The Rolling Stones, Mr. Bill Wyman. Elliott Randall (Steely Dan), and Jim Rodford (Whitesnake) both appear as well. Back to Mr. Abrahams, a man who is nowadays age wise in his early seventies, and at this stage in his life, having the common afflictions one would expect for a man to have that's around his age. Add to that a stroke, and other misfortunes. Mick himself is very forthright about all this. Nevertheless, when it comes to music, Mick delivers! His guitar playing and singing abilities are fine. The title means just that; Rivived: awake and capable of going back to what you use to do. 

This CD is seventeen hand picked tracks by Mr. Abrahams. Well sixteen with the last track, Summer Day With A Hammond, being another version of the song that's worth the price of admission, a Mick Abrahams original entitled; Summer Day, which starts off the CD. One of a handful of songs penned by Mick that appear on; Rivived! The other tracks are songs Mick wanted to play. As simple as that, and a great collection of tunes they are. Some older stuff bringing back memories of my listening to one of the most coolest DJs on the planet, the now deceased; Wolfman Jack (January 21, 1938 – July 1, 1995). For those unaware, Wolfman played golden oldies. Bands like Sha Na Na, and The Coasters, in which Mick does one of their classic songs; What About Us? A GREAT sing along. Makes me smile everytime I hear it. Mick shines on his version by the way, assisting here in the vocal department. 

Speaking of vocals, Paul Jones is just one of several outstanding vocalist who contribute to Revived! Also powered by human lungs, too cool harmonica playing as well, supplied by Mark Feltham, and Paul Jones.     

Another thing that makes me happy about this release, is that half of the money earned goes to a children's charity called; Kids 'n' Cancer. So not only are you getting a music disc that's worth playing, from the beginning kick ass song to the equally stunning closing number, but half of whatever you pay for this gem, goes to younger ones who could use the help. Hard fighting cancer as an adult. Can you imagine being a child and doing so? Maybe you or someone you personally know, survived their battle with the Big C. This records a reality because everyone involved focused on one common cause. They put personalities aside, and pushed away financial reward. Bought their best game to the table. Talent that took years for these individuals to develop. Given away free so they could help the nice people at Kids 'n' Cancer, get those ill young people, the on time medical treatment they need, and deserve. 


Using the one to five star rating system, whereas one star means it's utter rubbish, to five stars which means for the money spent you get a cool music CD (or download) that's cool to play when friends are over, or home by yourself in your underwear and not having shaved in days. Uncle G rated Mick Abrahams - Revived! -- 5 stars! For reasons just given. Just Saying: Enjoyed viewing the bonus DVD that accompanied the music disc. Speaking of the finished retail product, I like the booklet as well. Chock full of detailed information about all those involved, with a current photo. A little nicer than just listing names & credits. And as well as that, Revived! comes with a nifty bonus DVD. Contains vital background information, and behind the scenes footage.  

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Kids 'n' Cancer Official Website: http://www.kidsncancer.org.uk

Gary "Uncle G"  Brown 
American Correspondent for ClassicRockRadio.co.uk 
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