Monday, 8 April 2013

Alice Cooper Kickstarter!

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On March 31st of this year, I did a column on the proposed; Uncle Alice Presents - A Shock-Rock Horror Anthology Series. A regular television series complimented with a regular scheduled comic book. Very exciting !! It's all right there on; Kickstarter. Here's the Internet link:

UPDATE: Trying to get $200,00.00 to get this train a rollin' -- let's see where contributions are as of today.

OFFICIAL TOTALS as of April 5th (drum roll please)

Backers: 265
Amount Pledged: $45,870.00
Days Left: 13
Amount Needed: @154,130.00

We here at Classic Rock Radio Dot EU are behind this project, 100 percent. From now till the final numbers come in, let us be your official SOURCE for Alice Cooper / Kickstarter News (unless you just go to the Coop / Kickstarter page...bookmark...and keep checking back yourself).

THINK POSITIVE !!! Alice Cooper -- YOU CAN DO IT !!

Gary Brown
American Corespondent for Classic Rock Radio Dot EU

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