Friday, 5 April 2013

Steve Hackett Aylesbury Friars Concert!

As many will be aware Steve Hackett takes his "Genesis Revisited II" Tour across the UK beginning  in May.
one of the key gigs for the tour(Which is almost sold out) is the concert at Friars Aylesbury on the 9th of May. Friars was an important venue for Genesis in the early seventies when the band were starting out and they played many concerts which have gone on to achieve legendary status.

Steve's concert will be another of those concerts you will wish you had attended. If you are planning on attending the concert I advise you to be quick as the tour has sold incredibly well with many of the dates selling out. The Aylesbury concert was a late addition to the  itinerary but is sure to sell out before the evening so for more details please go to the booking office Here:

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Tel: 0844 872 7607


Steve Hackett has also released an album featuring a selection of songs from his hugely successful album Genesis Revisited II. The album Geneis Revisited II Selection is a single disc and features a track not available on the original double CD. Carpet Crawlers featuring former Genesis vocalist Ray Wilson on vocals


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