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12 Nov 2014

Uncle G's After Hours Movie Reviews
Spotlight: PMS Cop (2014)

So I see the cover art for the first time. In bold letters it reads; “It's Her Time Of The Month! PMS Cop”. With looks that kill, as does her gun which is shown blazing. Blood spattered all over. And I immediately think to myself, I said Self; “I GOT to get this one!” So I did. Through a sale Full Moon was having on their website, this past Halloween weekend. Picked it up on DVD brand new for, $6.66 – what a deal! Plus I paid for shipping, but never mind that. Got a couple other things as well. All through Amazon Dot Com this time around instead of Full Moon Direct. Amazon, very efficient, meaning it arrived unharmed, and within a few days. Full Moon Direct in the past has always done well themselves. I miss the free shipping days.

Full Moon Direct is the official website for Full Moon Features. An independent B Horror and Science Fiction movie company, out of HollyWeird (Hollywood) California. It's owner is legendary producer and director of some of the best B horror and sci-fi films made since the 1970's: Mr. Charles Band. I met him twice. Dudes the coolest! Get this, my lovely Sandra and I attended for two years in a row, Charles Band's Full Moon Roadshow. One in Dallas (2008), and the other in Houston (2009). Charles is an excellent storyteller in person, and very entertaining. Despite having his critics, he's very successful at what he does.

Wizard Studios who's behind PMS Cop, is also attached to Charles Band. That's where we have this very cool connection. In his film career Charles Band has to this day received credit for being a movie producer, 266 times. A director, 47 times. The numbers are the current ones found on the IMDB website. Changes every few months. I been aware of his work for ages due to a hit he had back in 1982 called, Parasite. Was in 3-D and had Demi Moore in it. Two years later Charlie hit pay dirt with, Ghoulies. Had a monster famously pop it's head out of toilet in that one. Classic!

Wizard Studio has a history and then a time when it was non productive, but now it's back, and better then ever. One might remember Wizard Studios as being called instead, Wizard Video, from back in the 1980's. Distributed the more obscure horror films on VHS tape, such as Lucio Fulci's Zombie (1979). Nowadays Wizard Studios describes itself as; “an acquisition program and distribution outfit designed to spotlight rising independent filmmakers and their cutting-edge genre pictures.” And here's one of their newest catalog entries.

PMS Cop (2014 Wizard Studios_distributed by Full Moon Features)

The original story, the film's screenplay, is directed, and partly produced, all by Mr. Bryon Blakey. Nice work! An example where one vision is sometimes best as compared to many hands in the pie.

Presented as a new theatrical presentation, PMS Cop has a decades old kind of feel to it. A solid independent B horror possessing within some comedy relief. Think 1980's / 1990's popcorn flicks. Lots of above average horror and sci-fi B films came out of those decades. Matter of fact, Full Moon Features released plenty of them. One that comes to mind; Bad Channels. Alien creatures from another planet come to Earth to kidnap pretty females. Science Fiction done strictly for laughs. Martha Quinn from the old MTV days stars in that one. Directed superbly by Ted Nicolaou. For classic rockers, the score is by none other than hard rock band, Blue Oyster Cult. No reaper to fear or not this time around. Begs repeat views.

There are the film snobs who look down on art such as this. Pretending motion pictures of this kind, don't even exist. Straight up, those into Sean Penn message films, might think this type of entertainment, meaning over the top blood, guts, gore, and bare female boobies, a waste of time. Beneath them. I betting these people when alone, sniff their own farts. I watch what I'm interested in, and or amuses me. Easy to figure out how the movie I'm reviewing now, PMS Cop, got my attention.

What we have here is the story of a young female lady cop. The lead character, Mary The Cop, has a history of becoming somewhat unglued the few days prior to starting her period.

The movie kicks in when a pudgy male rapist dressed as a clown, tries to run away after assaulting a young lady, with Mary the Cop and her male partner in hot pursuit. The clown gets the best out of him, but is no match for Mary, who it just so happens is close to expecting a visit from her Aunt Flow. Lady police officer beats the shit out of the clown, in which is all caught on security camera's. Mary's superior after seeing the footage, goes all PC, and makes her give a public apology. Not that it goes well. She also is commanded to see someone about her...problem. And she does, a headshrinker who declares PMS is the blame of our main characters anger issues. By the way, the one doing the diagnosis, a MAN. Not sure if that matters, or not?

Next comes an experimental drug study, and then everything goes bat shit crazy. Enter into the picture, Mary's new personality, the PMS Cop. And when working on all cylinders, she is fucking bad-ass. Her running eye mascara gives her a kind of Alice Cooper look. In one scene she pulls a guys jaw right clean off his face with her bare hand (spoiler...oops...don't hate me). Gratuitous violence at it's best. And worth mentioning, nice work on the special effects. From this moment on, PMS Cop resembles Friday The 13th a tad, with Mary our vengeful policewomen being as difficult to put down as Jason. The characters Mary the Cop / PSM Cop are played believing so, by two different actress': Cindy Means (The PMS Cop) – Heather Hall (Mary). Them and the rest of the cast all put in good performances. Honorable mention to the actress who played the chick whose best friend / crutch appeared to be a whiskey bottle. You know what, decades ago I had those kind of days.

Rating: Using the webs favorite ten star rating system whereas one star means the film is horrible, to ten stars that means it totally rocks, I'd give PMS Cop purely for being just a fun movie where myself as the viewer was able to sit back and chill out relaxing being entertained...not thinking already about paying next months rent...engulfed in all that is PMS Cop. Able to do so, Uncle G proclaims PMS Cop as bloody good cinema, and rates it a solid 9 stars. Would be cool to watch with friends over. Do shots whenever Mary confronts someone. Watch the intake, and don't be afraid to say I had my limit. Just a suggestion. Better doing bong hits. Accounts on the crowd one is hanging out with. I'd give PMS Cop 10 stars, but I want to save that rating for it's sequel. Nothing announced yet that I'm aware. I can see PSM Cop being a franchise. Did others lab rats have side effects? Do tell.

In my case, these are the type of movies I enjoy the most. Obviously not a serious film about PMS. The filmmakers disclose in the beginning of the film, their doubt of it's existence. Still, there is legitimate research and statistics that can't be ignored. For those who love a good period piece, here you go. Excellent cover-wrap artwork on the DVD also. For sure will stand out in the home DVD collection.

OH...if your household has children...with good parenting, over 14 years old and up, and this should be cool. Below that something Disney.

Official Trailer (YouTube link)

Wizard Studios Website

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