Thursday 24 April 2014

40 & Fabulous! - Media Call for Rocky Horror Show yesterday in Melbourne - Aussie awesomeness

 Suits you sir! Shockings in stockings  (Photo: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images AsiaPac )

Thanks to the joy of technology we have a worldwide listenership at Classic Rock Radio  and we know we have a lot of listeners in Australia and some good ol' aussie rock features are currently in production for the station so yesterday I was very pleased to be  at the Media Call for #rockyhorrorau for a bit of a preview and  also spoke with a few of the cast including Craig McLachlan who it might surprise you to hear is a total rocker at heart & has been since he first got an electric guitar at 10, As well as being known for his acting antics in Neighbours, Home & Away, Dr Blake Mysteries, NCIS LA, film work, music & various stage musicals he is definitely known for also being a funny good natured  and naughty chap..
He totally proved this to me yesterday, it was  naturally all in good fun and banter  (and very much in keeping with the character  of Frank N Furter)  I was very tempted to call him Frank N FLIRTER . 

Now, I have experienced many weird and wonderful moments both  in my time as an actress and of course in radio, however  it was the FIRST time I  had ever sat down to interview  a man wearing more make-up than I would wear in a month (move over Alice Cooper ;-)     )  and  dressed in  a corset , high heels and fishnet stockings (and looking better in them  than many women! )  What a vision!! (my late mother would have been very amused, she often laughed recalling  the time she had to share a dressing room with Danny La Rue due to a burst pipe  backstage, and as they stood there complimenting each others gowns my mother was changing, not realising that Danny was in fact a female impersonator !!!)

  However whilst speaking with this 'wonderful vision' I honestly didn't know where to look  at times and was trying so hard not to laugh my butt off at some of the things he was telling me . Can't wait until you get to hear it on Classic Rock Radio. . I could only speak with him for a short time as obviously with it  being a media call there's only limited time and of course many people wanting to speak with  the cast . It was well attended by  the media and I could tell we were all delighted by what we were seeing.

Christie Whelan Browne , Tim Maddren & Craig McLachlan (Photo: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images AsiaPac )
   As well as speaking with Craig I also spoke to  the gorgeous Christie Whelan Browne ( above)who plays Janet - viva la Stepford Wivesesque pretty pink dress!  and the charming Kristian Lavercombe the legendary Riff Raff. He has been in it  for  6 runs

'like he just stepped out of a salon'  RHS's Riff Raff  (Kristian Lavercombe)
The cast had ran through two numbers twice for us , naturally it was those classics Time-Warp and Sweet Transvestite. It was  utterly awesome. I was so hypnotised by what I was seeing  on stage that for a moment I forgot why I was actually there . It certainly left me hungry for more.  If I ever become one of those nonchalant smug and  blase' seen-it-all-before-yawnnnn ' kind  of person then do just kick me and quietly cart me off to a padded ward. 

 Actually one would have to be crazy not to appreciate the infectiously fun atmosphere and enjoyment that this show obviously generates.

Whilst I have seen the movie and know the songs, to sit there watching it  happen a few feet in front of me was utterly enchanting.  (Yes I am  confessing to having never seen the musical before, this obviously needs to be rectified! )

 Cast & crew
Anyway, Craig adores classic rock, and would have spoken about it for ages if he had had more time.. Seems he'd also fancy being a 'rock DJ' so maybe we should bring him in to do a show at Classic Rock Radio sometime ;-)   I hope to  have an opportunity again  for more rock chat with him. He gave me a fun interview about his love of rock music and of course about the musical.
Later that day when I went into a store near the theatre a gentlemen told me he had been at the original show in  London in 1973. Yes it is  hard to believe there has been 40 years  of Rocky Horror , Richard O'Brien is a genius. I wonder if he realised all those years ago when he first wrote it just how popular it would be.    

You can find out more about the Australian tour here   on  Facebook, Twitter  and  the website 

 Do you have RHS memories? If so Tweet them to us  or pop them on our Classic Rock Radio Facebook page  . We'll let you know when this feature will air. In the mean time if in Melbourne  what are you waiting for, get those fishnets out and on. Red lipstick at the ready!

 Where is a  blushing Radio Girl to look

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