Wednesday 16 April 2014


Catacombs of the Black Vatican was released April 8th 2014! You can pick up your copy anywhere music is sold.

Nick Catanese has been replaced with guitar player Dario Lorina and Zakk Wylde has been quoted as saying, "I had called Nick to tell him about the album and he told me that he was already knee deep into doing his own thing and wanted to stick 1,000 percent into it," Wylde told Guitar World. "I told him it was cool and that we loved him and that he'd always have a home here."

Wylde continued: “The thing is no one ever gets kicked out or fired. If you want to go, you're always able. Now we've got (guitarist) Dario Lorina in the band, and not only is he a kick-ass guitar player who can shred, but he’s also a really cool dude.”

Of the new album, Wylde says, “I think everyone can expect a lot of fun and excitement. he laughed. "It was like what Chris Farley did in that one skit, where he was selling that hair-care product. Make sure you always use the word 'fun' when you describe it.

“Someone asked me what the difference was between this new record and the other nine. I told them that it's basically all of the songs we used on the other nine records, except they've got different titles now. It's fun and exciting for the whole family!”

My Time Of Dying

Track List:

01 – Fields of Unforgiveness
02 – My Dying Time
03 – Believe
04 – Angel of Mercy
05 – Heart of Darkness
06 – Beyond the Down
07 – Scars
08 – Damn the Flood
09 – I’ve Gone Away
10 – Empty Promises
11 – Shades of Gray
12 – Dark Side of the Sun (Bonus Track)
13 – Nomad (Bonus Track)

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