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27 Jan 2015

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Spotlight: Swung Vol. 1 & 2 (2014 In And Out Of Focus Records)

It's always a challenge to review an instrumental record. Especially that of different musical styles. For myself, it's easier to trash songs with lyrics. More to hate. First off the vocalist who most times thinks, or tries to be not only a unique singer, getting good or bad results, but also the worlds best poet as well, writing their own lyrics. Jon Anderson, original member of Yes, was wonderful at this. And more so as time went by. Others are a matter of opinion. Personally, I skipped Freshman high school English class when it was poetry time, and went off smoking weed in various hiding places around town. That was my answer to a string of very bad writing assignments. I still passed the class. A lot of drama. My solution to all that, was obtaining a GED at age sixteen. And I was never asked to write another fucking Haiku, ever again.

Two Studio Recordings

Swung Vol. 1

Bobby Jacobs (bass), Pierre van der Linden (drums), and Niels van der Steenhoven (guitar).

Swung Vol. 2

Bobby Jacobs (bass), Pierre van der Linden (drums), Menno Gootjes (guitar)

I can say I listened to both CDs about the same amount of times. Comparing the two I dig both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 equally. Those that know me understand how much I serious dig instrumental music. So no surprise for them if reading this.

Swung Vol. 1 when played on a real home stereo loudly, motivates me to, among other things, to wiggle my old ass around the house while doing laundry. It's magic! Here are dis-scripts to what I hear when emerged in it's sounds; very rhythm & blues - avant garde - nightmarish - infectious - catchy - atmospheric - space groovy - IMPRESSIVE!

The players on this recording, as the same could be said with those associated with Vol. 2, are professional musicians as proficient as anything you hear on the commercial airwaves today. Top of their game actually. All associated with the classic rock band; Focus. The band's greatest hit, Hocus Pocus. One of it's founding members, and musicians on that recording,Pierre van der Linden, still keeping the Focus name still out there. A recent record I would have reviewed, but due to personal stuff at the time, just didn't have the proper time to devote (like I did this one), was Focus - Golden Oldies. Recordings of past hits with Pierre and company giving it their all, plus some. It's worth the sum asked if wondering about making the purchase. I also have the early Focus recordings in my own personal collection. Classic Rock's early masterpieces. Am so glad to have been exposed to their music, and at such an early age.

Swung Vol. 2

A slower paced record when compared to Vol. 1. Freestyle / jam-band sounding / bluesy / tight / guitar driven rock n' roll (same could be said for volume one PLUS a dream rhythm section) / SOLID!

Rating: Using the one to five star rating system, Uncle G give Swung! Vol. 1 & 2 another two, so that equals a 5 star rating. If a fan of Focus, members in and out of Focus, or totally unfamiliar but a general consumer of instrumental rock...this works. Had it in my life a few weeks so far. Played the shit out of both CDs. My choice for greatest hit; Vol. 1 - Adventure 4. Would love to hear / see a live version of that (sounds live in the studio), or any other track on this two CD gem.

Gary Brown
American Correspondent for Classic Rock Radio (CRRdotEU)

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