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Graham Bonnet and Alcatrazz Reissues Hit the Stores

Graham Bonnet and Alcatrazz reissue their back catalogue through Store For Music. The albums include the original track listing plus bonus material recorded at the time but previously unreleased. The band Alcatrazz was put together by Graham Bonnet following his tenure with bands such as Rainbow and the Michael Schenker Group. The line up remained constant save for a number of different guitarists who passed through the ranks of the band all of which would go onto massive success after their respective stints in Alcatrazz. The guitarists were Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Danny Johnson. The albums can all be purchased directly from the Store For Music Website below along with a Live DVD filmed in Japan featuring the original line up including Yngwie Malmsteen

Alcatrazz was originally formed in California, in 1983, by vocalist Graham Bonnet, who was a veteran of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, with whom he enjoyed a massive worldwide hit with “Since You’ve Been Gone”, before joining the Michael Schenker Group. Bonnet enlisted Swedish guitar sensation Yngwie Malmsteen, whose only work of note up until then had been as a member of Ron Keel’s Steeler. After the firsttwo albums releases and a Japanese tour, Malmsteen felt the desire to embark on a solo career.

No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll (1983) was the first album released by Graham Bonnet’s Alcatrazz. It spent seven weeks on the Billboard chart. It not only launched the band, but later also Yngwie J. Malmsteen into a glittering solo career. Most famous for the future Alcatrazz anthems such as “Island In the Sun”, “Jet To Jet”,
“Hiroshima Mon Amour”, it also includes “Incubus”, a guitar solo by Yngwie J. Malmsteen, which he continued to play later, throughout his solo career.

This 2011 re-release contains the original instrumental album demo sessions.

Track Listing:
1. Island In The Sun 2. General Hospital 3. Jet To Jet 4. Hiroshima Mon Amour 5. Kree Nakoorie 6. Incubus 7. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live 8. Big Foot 9. Starcarr Lane 10. Suffer Me
Bonus Tracks - Instrumental Demo Sessions:
11. Kree Nakoorie 12. Starcarr Lane 13. Island In The Sun 14. Big Foot 15. Hiroshima Mon Amour 16. General Hospital 17. Incubus 18. Suffer Me 19. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live 20. Jet To Jet

Live Sentence (1984) was the only official live album released by Graham Bonnet’s Alcatrazz and contains some of the songs performed by Bonnet from his stint with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. The track listing of the live show was based on their previous, debut album: No Parole From Rock N’ Roll, and featured the
same, original line-up. The album sat on the Billboard charts for an impressive 16 weeks. This 2011 re-release contains the entire unabridged concert, featuring 7 –previously officially unreleased – bonus tracks.

Track Listing:
1. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live 2. Hiroshima Mon Amour 3. Night Games 4. Island In The Sun 5. Kree Nakoorie 6. Coming Bach (Instrumental) 7.
Since You’ve Been Gone 8. Evil Eye (Instrumental) 9. All Night Long
Bonus Tracks - previously unreleased tracks recorded live 28th Jan 1984, Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo
10. Big Foot 11. Suffer Me 12. Desert Song 13. Guitar Crash 14. Lost In Hollywood 15. Koujou No Tsuki 16. Somethin’ Else

The success of the debut album, No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll, and the follow-up live effort: Live Sentence, secured Alcatrazz a major deal with Capitol Records and a famous producer in Eddie Kramer. Graham Bonnet is in fine form on Disturbing The Peace, and Steve Vai’s unique guitar work nudges Alcatrazz’s Hard Rock a step closer to the Progressive Rock genre. This 2011 expanded edition of the album contains a second, 17-track disc, featuring an unabridged live concert performed at the Shinjuku Koseinenkin-Kaikan hall, in Tokyo, Japan.

Track Listing:
1. God Blessed Video 2. Mercy 3. Will You Be Home Tonight 4. Wire And Wood 5. Desert Diamond 6. Stripper 7. Painted Lover 8. Lighter Shade Of Green 9. Sons And Lovers 10. Skyfire 11. Breaking The Heart Of The City
Bonus Tracks - Shinjuku Koseinenkin-Kaikan Hall, Tokyo, Japan
1. Opening 2. Breaking The Heart Of The City 3. Jet To Jet 4. Skyfire 5. Sons And Lovers 6. Hiroshima Mon Amour 7. God Blessed Video 8. Will You Be Home Tonight 9. Kree Nakoorie 10. Since You’ve Been Gone 11. Painted Lover 12. Suffer Me 13. Stripper 14. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live 15. Kojo No Tuki 16. Night Games 17. All Night Long

Dangerous Games was the third and final studio album to come from Alacatrazz. The album featured a marked deprture from the previous Alacatrazz albums and also featured new guitarist Danny Johnson
The 2011 re-release of Dangerous Games contains 9 bonus tracks, recorded The 2011 re-release of Dangerous Games contains 9 bonus tracks, recorded live at The Country Club in Reseda, California, in 1984, featuring the original Alcatrazz line-up, with Yngwie Malmsteen on guitar.

Track Listing:
1. It’s My Life 2. Undercover 3. That Ain’t Nothin’ 4. No Imagination 5. Ohayo Tokyo 6. Dangerous Games 7. Blue Boar 8. Only One Woman 9. Witchwood 10. Double Man 11. Night Of The Shooting Star
Bonus Tracks - Live at The Country Club, Reseda, California 1984

12. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live 13. General Hospital 14. Kree Nakoorie 15. Island In The Sun 16. Since You’ve Been Gone 17. Hiroshima Mon Amour 18.Suffer Me 19. Desert Song 20. Jet To Jet

The Alcatrazz DVD Live Sentence can also be ordered directly from The Store For Music Website along with the CDs

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