Tuesday 13 May 2014

FireHouse's Bill Leverty is certainly keeping those rock fires burnin brightly

Earlier this morning  I rather reluctantly ended a pre-record phone interview with  guitarist/singer/songwriter Bill Leverty with an absolutely aching face from smiling and feeling like I had known him for a long time. The reality is this had been the first time we had spoken, albeit we had been in email contact for a couple of weeks with mails whizzing back and forth. I had been due to  interview him the week before  however as Murphy's law would have it, had woken that day  feeling like I had been gargling razors and batter acid (do NOT try that at home!! ) He is a Radio Girl's dream interview ,  speaks clearly (heck of a great voice for radio) knows his stuff  and  a really  friendly personality that made it an easy interview (aside from  slight delays on phone!!) He  took my scolding him for snipping off those long locks in good humour (ah woe is me come back long haired rockers!!)

 Now, Bill is in the band FireHouse (yes yes the ones who had that great track in the 90's 'Don't Treat Me Bad  and Love of a Lifetime amongst many others)  he  was responsible for writing many of the band's hit songs

Their self-titled debut album in 1990, 'FireHouse', was met with much critical acclaim. (The band won the American Music Award for Best New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band of 1991,  (as well as Metal Edge Magazine's Best New Band , Young Guitar Magazine's Best Newcomer and Music Life Magazine  reader's pop poll Best Newcomer of  1992)  That first album sold over two million copies in the United States alone, and was certified double platinum. The band are still going strong all these years later. (in fact find them right here on their website  

The Bloom Is Off The Rose
However I had not realised  that Bill Leverty also had  a great solo career and other musical projects on the side as well.  It was one of those stumble upon moments via YouTube and this Radio Girl was kicking herself wondering how she had missed it!  

But better late to the party than never, right?

                                              Fun tongue -in-cheek track Ace Bandage,

 Bill has released four albums; Wanderlust, Southern Exposure, Deep South and Drive. 

those lucky enough to be going to FireFest Final Fling in Nottingham, UK  later this year  can see FireHouse   headlining on the Saturday (October 25) of this 3 Day rock fest . For the complete line-up  click HERE.  Be aware, that at the time of posting this  that day is already 80% SOLD so if you want to  be there you better get those skates on whooooooosh!

I will let you know when you can hear the interview feature I did with Bill for Classic Rock Radio

and  I'd say ''oh go onnnn lets have this one too'' however for some reason best known to itsself, Blogger does not  want to let me post another vid  so instead click here and watch/hear FireHouse 'Don't Treat Me Bad' (well over 933,000 views   and  ahhh look at the long hair!!)

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