Thursday 8 May 2014

So 2014 is the fortieth anniversary of Kiss signing to Casablanca Records. Yes believe it or not is has been forty years since the late Neil Bogart signed the fledgling Kiss to his new label. The label was so new that Kiss were the first signing to the label. Now I know what you are saying "Not another compilation from Kiss" yes there have been a few but in fairness over forty years a band like Kiss draws new fans to the fan base and like it or not you long time Kiss fans that is the very thing that keeps the Kiss juggernaut rolling along

So across two CDs we have the obvious tracks like“Detroit Rock City,” “Love Gun,” “Beth,” “Rock And Roll All Nite,” “Beth,” “Psycho Circus,” “Forever,” “I Was Made For Lovin’ You.” “Lick It Up,” “Heaven’s On Fire” and “Hell or Hallelujah.” Plus some added bonuses to keep the faithful happy including live recordings of “Deuce” (from 2004 tour), “Cold Gin” (from 2009 Alive 35 tour), “Crazy Crazy Nights” (from 2010 Sonic Boom Over Europe tour) and the previously unreleased 1977 demo of “Reputation” 
These later tracks are of course the real pull along with the packaging for the long time members of the "Kiss Army" which has supported the band through thick and thin and will also no doubt continue to do so and buy this album. 
To say that this compilation contains the Best of Kiss really is stating the obvious but it really is just that and as a primer for newer fans who can just dip in and maybe delve back across the extensive catalogue  then this release ticks all the boxes. Suffice to say that there will no doubt be a few critics who bemoan the fact the the band are just re selling their greatest hits once more but really they are missing the point Why would you not want to celebrate your fortieth anniversary by sharing your best tracks with your fans and also it is timed nicely to come out just as the band are riding a wave of massive publicity following their  admission to the hallowed Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and are about to embark on a massive tour alongside Def Leppard.
Whilst the band may not be here to celebrate their eightieth anniversary there will no doubt be a compilation celebrating that particular anniversary on what will no doubt be the latest audio format but enough already just get with the program and enjoy the great songs on this album which really do reflect the band in the best light.
You Wanted The Best You Got Kiss 40

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