Sunday, 5 October 2014


Despite originally hailing from New Jersey, Stolen Rhodes has an unmistakable southern rock vibe in their tunes, as evidenced throughout their killer new EP, 'Slow Horse.' Comprised of members Matt Pillion (guitar, bass, vocals, piano), Kevin Cunningham (guitar, vocals), Dan Haase (bass, guitar, vocals), and Eric Skye (drums), the quartet's sound certainly reflects their influences, which includes such renowned names as Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Pearl Jam.

"I usually describe us as American or Americana Rock to most folks," explains Pillion. "If folk music were turned up to eleven and included guitar solos, I think you would get in the ballpark of what we are. Our music pulls no punches, and we always speak from the heart while in verse."

So far, the band has three recordings to their credit - 2009's 'From the Dark Side of 88' EP, 2011's 'Falling Off the Edge' full length, and this year, the aforementioned 'Slow Horse' EP. And as exemplified from such stand-out tracks as "Keeps Me Alive," "50 Miles," and "Life Was Never Finer," Stolen Rhodes is one of the most promising roots rock artists on the scene today.

Judging by the acts that the quartet has already opened shows for (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jackyl, Blackberry Smoke, etc.), the lads can bring it live, as well. As Haase points out, "You're going to get 1,000% from us all the time. We strive to put on the best live show possible. People pay money to come see us perform, so we damn well better A) sound good, and B) be fun and entertaining while doing it. Luckily for us, nothing makes us happier than playing music, so having fun just comes natural from us on stage. It's only right to put your heart and soul into performing. It's the lifeline of all rock and roll bands."

Lastly, what lays ahead for Stolen Rhodes? "Just keep hitting the road, and playing music for anyone who cares to hear," predicts Haase. "The only way to grow is to get in front of people, and the more people we get in front of, and the more people that enjoy us, the more likely they are going to bring a friend next time we roll into town. We just gotta keep on truckin, and keep putting in all the hard work it takes to be a rock and roll band in 2014."

Watch a video of Stolen Rhodes, "Blue Sky"

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