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15 October 2014

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Queen – Live at the Rainbow '74 (DVD – 2014 Eagle Vision )

While in a Best Buy store here in Katy Texas, I stumbled across a newly released Queen DVD called Queen – Live at the Rainbow '74. Came out first week of September and released in other versions including just audio as well. Details on all that can be found on Queen's official website. What I've been getting into the last few days is the DVD, watching it in three different rooms in the house since bringing it home.

My first time playing Queen – Live at the Rainbow '74 was this past Saturday night. Usually the time slot is reserved for B horror and science fiction movies if at home and having the television on. With the wife out of the house attending a friend's party, I made myself comfortable and proceeded to spend the night being entertained and seriously rocking out with Freddie, Brian, Roger, and John.

As soon as the DVD starts up you're transported back to London England, in what those alive at the time use to refer as the twentieth century. We see the musicians that make up Queen arriving at the theater. FYI...a lot of cool music history happened at The Rainbow over the course of time they did concerts there. One year earlier prog-rock band Yes filmed their first concert movie called Yessongs. And one more for the trivia books. The Rainbow Theatre is now a Pentecostal church. Sat around 3,000 people when this Queen performance took place.

The DVD is taken from the groups official archives and recorded beautifully by Roy Thomas Baker. Picture quality is OK...not HD. The audio for sure makes up for it. Just keep in mind it's an older concert film. Common sense applies. Older fans like myself will be grateful for its release, period. Hard to take your eyes off the screen once started. The band sucks you in, and doesn't let go till finished. Word to the wise for older ones like myself, hit the bathroom BEFORE hitting the go button. Would be a shame to pause, severing the vibe just to get up and take a piss.

The concert was filmed November of '74. Queen was touring their third studio album that they put out since making their debut sixteen months earlier entitled Sheer Heart Attack. Publicly, I must state that Sheer Heart Attack is and always has been one of my favorite Queen studio releases. And I dig the two previous offerings as well. So I'll point out the obvious. A release such as this,Queen – Live at the Rainbow '74 is of significant importance. Nowadays, the early Queen years are not as played publicly as the material they did starting with their follow up album to Sheer Heart Attack called Night At The Opera (November 1975). Results are that except for a couple / few songs from the first three albums, that the rest of the songs go virtually unnoticed. Something that this release will correct. For not only is it cool to view when alone or with friends, but it's cool to put on and just listen to the audio. I recommend BLASTING IT out of a good home stereo.

Uncle G's Favorite Parts

There are songs on Queen – Live at the Rainbow '74 that I enjoy more than others. Could be the up-beat tempo? I do tend to enjoy music that has some get up and go to it. All songs presented here are classics in the Queen music catalog. It's just what I like better. Ready?

Now I'm Here / Flick Of The Wrist /Killer Queen / Keep Yourself Alive / Liar.

If I HAD to pick the top 5 songs played this magical night, that would be it. Other highlights include Brian May's guitar solo and seeing John Deacon throughout the WHOLE concert. Roger Taylor being Roger of rock's top drummers. And last but not least - FREDDIE MERCURY!!! If not amazed at his showman's abilities already, you WILL be after seeing this.

Uncle G's Rating: Using the one to five star rating system I usually use for television and movie reviewing, I give Queen – Live at the Rainbow '74....5 STARS!! A MUST HAVE for the fan base, and super cool for the young'uns to be able to witness and hear for themselves what was destined to be a night to remember.

Gary Brown

U.S. Correspondent for CRR (Dot EU)

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