Saturday, 4 August 2012


Todays featured band are from Bristol UK, and I have promised not to make any jokes about the town. Frontman is Scott Sharp who was encouraged to sing to rock music by the performances of the school's (only) pianist who had a repertoire comprising of the standards- that is Rock n' Roll standards Meatloaf, Beatles,The Who, T-Rex etc and no idea about the more normal school assemblies fodder of All Things Bright, Morning has broken et al which is a pretty good start to appreciation of Rock music. On Lead they have John Greenhill who has been playing since the age of twelve. Jason Cronin founder member of the band on Rhythm Guitar,Benn Webb on Bass and with Drums in the capable hands of Tom Lennox-Brown, who I am told learnt his craft in a marching band? ( yes I remember this one time at band camp )
These guys look like the kind of band that plays to biker audiences, yep and they sound like that kind of biker friendly, loud as hell,foot stomping, head shaking band so its no surprise they will be at the Bulldog Bash on the 9-12 August so if you are there head for the Area 81 Rock Club Stage and show the love. Back to the music it is heavy beat rock very raw and very tasty exactly what the target audience wants to get them going. Their first EP album 'Taking Root' is very addictive 'Finding Fables' I reckon to be the pick of the Wolves litter, it is riff heavy with a head banging bass line really showing what Black Wolf are capable of, when they are playing that at the Bulldog anybody not shaking should have their pulse taken immediately and clothing loosened. Black Wolf's first gigs were in early 2010 and they have been building since reaching the finals of the Surface Unsigned bands competition at the 02 in London in the September and then getting their first Bulldog call in 2011 and of course asked back for 2012. This years gigs will include Birmingham Shropshire, Glasgow, Worcestershire, Gloucester & Wales so they are definitely putting it about a bit and are in the final cut of voting for Hard Rock Hell So get your votes when they have the big playoff in Glasgow at Highway to Hell 19-20th October the competition is going to be stiff but my money is on them going the distance, so Hard Rock Hell and Hammerfest are certainly on the cards and we know that famously rude slogan of Stiff Records that will be a competition to savour. I would recommend you preview the album at Blackwolf's myspace page. It's a very heady first release, rather than going the old route of adding in fillers to bulk out the content every track deserves to be included in the debut and in your media player play list myspace link

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