Thursday, 9 August 2012

~ Heartbreak Suicide~
Did you ever wonder what happened to the infamous Iron Curtain? Well behind it was hidden more metal - that is 'Heavy Metal'. The Soviet authorities while being very heavy handed about private enterprise had factions who were more sympathetic to Rock n' Roll and allowed it to develop under the radar in clubs and bars while keeping it away from the general public. It was only around the eighties that bands could freely produce and distribute records even then there was the spectre of censorship peering over the writers shoulders thankfully not as rigid as in the early years rather less chances to take a state sponsored holiday somewhere very remote. Todays Russian Rock is largely ignored by the European Union and the World in general partly no doubt to the domestic bands recording and performing mainly in Russian. That however could be about to change with the increasing number of festivals in Northern Europe the bands of the former Republic have a chance to meet a bigger and very Rock appreciative audience.
Our featured band today hail from St Petersburg in Russia one of the biggest cities in the country and home to the legendary Leningrad Rock Club. Russian Rock music is expanding from its soviet roots, pioneered by bands like Kino and DDT which to me are still more folk rock than mainstream western style hard rock. Heartbreak Suicide have broken from this mold and are very much more western influenced if you think Stooges, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue you are getting very close to their playing style. This five piece band are going the Metal/Alternative route and we reckon this is a good choice with their abilities. They play tight with bags of drive "Risin'The Storm" would be right on the money at any hardrock festival this is a tune to pull the hardcore out of the beer tents. You can take 'Alibis' to the bank it is Rock Gold it has that tight G n'R feel to it with guitars multilayered without the guys falling over each other. That is playing that would fit seamlessly with the classic line up of 'Appetite for Destruction' era G n'R everybody in the band building into what is a great song. The band is still relatively young having formed up a year ago though they have history. Mark has known Ellis since they were kids together and he offered Ellis a place in his previous band but when (Mark) heard what Ellis had in mind they formed Heartbreak Suicide quickly recruiting Raff and Tails who were former band mates of Mark and Illya wanted in so that became the agreed lineup ( sorry if I went a bit Spinal Tap but thats the way it played out ). For those who like to know these things in the photo above the band are from left to right Raff-Guitar , Mark-Drums, Tails-Guitar, Iliya-Bass, Ellis-Vocals. The band are looking to expand their touring, Russia is a big place (understatement of the week) but they are looking to the European circuit I can't see any reason why they shouldn't be big with this kind of playing. More songs are coming and a promo video so if you are promoting in the area you ain't going to regret hearing these guys - lets rock shall we?
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