Thursday, 23 August 2012

DKT-MC5-Primal Scream Kick Out The Jams Together: Live CD/DVD Is A Must Have

We hear at Classic Rock radio get sent all sorts of things but when it comes to stuff we really love, stuff we actually shell out for then THAT MUST be great and this CD/.DVD package really is the business hence this particular plug. Of course anyone who knows anything about Rock n Roll will tell you that the MC5 were one of the best bands to come from Detroit, hell no, Come from America in the sixties and this pairing of DKT-MC5 with Primal Scream at The Royal festival Hall in June 2008 really is the dog's wotsits. It just catches a moment that will remind you of how good a performance this was if you were there or piss you off that you weren't ther.

Either way it is a must to have for your collection and at less than a tenner even more of a reason to buy it now. Just take a look at the two videos linked below and tell me I am wrong.

The details about the release and the opportunity to buy at a reduced price is here

Tell them CRR sent you and then tell your mates to buy one too :)

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